7 Best 90s House Exterior Makeover Ideas

7 Best 90s House Exterior Makeover Ideas

Renovating a project as large as your home can be a time-intensive endeavour. Since makeovers can take various routes, some brainstorming may be needed first. Without the right planning, you will find that things can go awry quite quickly. Most of the time, home renovations will see contemporary finishings being installed.

This is especially necessary if your home was built in a certain decade. The 1990s were a period which saw many homes being built straightforwardly. The downside is the design, which could have been seen as dated.

Use these design tips to freshen your home’s exterior into something more suited for the times.

Idea #1: The Door

When it comes down to it, certain components of a home immediately stand out. The windows and the roof come to mind once you look directly at the property. The door is another aspect of one’s home that can draw in the eyes. However, the door can be seen as archaic depending on the overall theme.

This should be the first order of business conducted when analyzing a new theme for the home. Many doors will be reinforced with a fresh coat of paint and a modern locking system. If you prefer, tinted glass can also be installed on the door. It creates a contemporary visual since the door is seen as the first part of the exterior that is noticed!

Idea #2: Outdoor Paint

Speaking of paint, the exterior of your new home may just need a fresh coat. Many homes that are built in this particular decade will begin to show their age visually. You often must repaint the exterior surfaces to hide the home’s blemishes. Even if it seems like it is in good standing, a refresh of outdoor paint can always help.

Keep it simple by using a neutral colour of paint. White will, most of the time, be the way to go. It remains a powerful colour and can be matched accordingly with other exterior furnishings. Should you want to test the waters, select a colour of paint that could be on the darker side. You will be set if you match the chosen colour with the exterior components!

Idea #3: Lighting


Take a look at any modern home that is in your general vicinity. These homes will have a lot of components that stand out immediately, even if it is during the night. Installing different light sources may be worthwhile to make your home’s exterior look distinct. The usual suspects, such as wall lamps, can work well.

Before proceeding, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind. Your lamp apparatuses should have LED bulbs installed to save on energy costs. You may also want to use smart technology around the home’s perimeter. These lights could also act as a security system, activating once movement is detected at a given time.

Idea #4: Exterior Décor


The door isn’t the only component of the home’s exterior that should be worked on. Homes that were built in the 1990s may not have an ideal entryway when it comes to design. Moreover, there could be some instances where you could upgrade the current décor.

For instance, several potted plants near the door can invoke a sense of nature and comfort. Or, you may have a particular monument or statue that can also contribute to a modern theme. Whatever décor you choose to pursue, make sure that you select something that reflects your personality!

Idea #5: Front Yard

The home’s exterior doesn’t start and end with the properties of the home itself. You may find it worthwhile to pad out the front yard’s appearance. Make sure that it appears clean and trimmed to make a complete visual.

Idea #6: Adding Space

Your home is what you make of it. If you feel the exterior looks mundane, it may concern how much real estate is installed. Adding another level to your home’s structure could be a great way to build on the home’s value.

This is especially true for homes built in the 1990s, where single-floor homes can appear unexciting. If you have the resources for development, you will find no better way to showcase a modern exterior than by renovating upwards!

Idea #7: Maintenance

Major renovations should only occur every so often. When you feel that your exterior lacks appearance, always look to maintenance first and foremost. Sometimes, you just need some manual work to start a renovation!

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