How to Advocate for Gun Control in the Future

How to Advocate for Gun Control in the Future

More mass shootings are occurring in North America every year than ever before, with little hope of that trend starting to reverse. Despite that discouragement, there is a building movement of people looking to fight for gun control.

There are lots of ways how to advocate for gun control, from encouraging gun detection technology in public spaces to lobbying lawmakers to make more stringent laws regarding gun ownership.

Here are some data-backed ways to advocate for gun control and to prevent gun violence.

Post About It on Social Media

If you have social media accounts, advocate for gun control by sharing pro-gun control posts. Encourage safe, healthier use of guns and advocate for more gun protections for your community. Represent gun advocacy alongside your public image.

Encourage AI Gun Detection Technology

AI-based gun detection technology is a key resource in security. As a non-invasive way to detect guns and weapons, security personnel can quickly scan crowds, audiences, and individuals walking through the entryway of a space. It also works effectively as school security solutions.

When this technology detects guns, relevant personnel are alerted, and the potential threat is minimally mitigated.

Avoid Arguments with Pro-Gun Individuals

Though you may be tempted to go on social media to argue with the pro-gun crowd, it’s critical not to. Those who oppose gun violence prevention are unlikely to have their minds changed by an argument launched online.

Instead of going that route, stay positive and focus on sharing the positive rather than engaging directly in conflict with those who may disagree.

Research Gun Violence Prevention Programs

Look at local or regional gun violence prevention programs and see if there are volunteer opportunities or a way to participate. There may be upcoming gun control events you can play a role in or, at least, attend and advocate in this way. You may also discover local community groups aimed at different aspects of gun violence prevention.

Sign Petitions for Gun Control Legislation

Look online and offline for petitions arguing for more gun control from legislators. Petitions have become extremely common in highlighting the need for better gun control. Listen to the news and identify if votes are coming up regarding gun control. Getting more involved politically in gun control is a true opportunity to create lasting change.

Learn About Gun Safety Issues

Learn more about gun control and gun safety. It’s not all about simply taking away guns. You may discover aspects of gun safety that are more in line with your views or your personal experience, such as advocating for background checks, preventing the sale of assault weapons, encouraging limits on high-capacity magazines, or the use of AI gun detection technology in schools and public spaces.

Write to Local Newspapers and Publications

If you’re excited about advocating for gun control, write a letter to the editor in your local newspaper and write an editorial for a publication online. Many have done this, sharing their personal experience and views on gun control. If you have something unique and a story to share, explore writing and publishing an article.

Say Something If You See or Hear Something

If you have a friend who is making threats or knows of someone talking about doing something unhealthy with a gun, the best intervention is to report it. This way, someone at risk of violence can be stopped before any such tragedy occurs. Tips can be submitted anonymously, ensuring they never come back to you.

Advocate for Better Mental Health Resources

No one of sound mind picks up a gun and begins firing it on someone or people without some sort of mental health trouble. Particularly among younger people, a lot of young people are isolated and without the resources to tackle mental health issues as they present.

Advocating for gun control may come in the form of arguing for better access to mental health resources for those who need it most.

Encourage Better Community Public Safety Planning

Support community action in planning for the risk of gun violence. Implement security measures that deter gun violence. Whether indoors or outdoors, encourage community safety plans that prevent safety incidents and incorporate intervention steps to take when/if there is an incident.

From AI gun detection to how physical space is planned, there is a lot that one can do to directly and indirectly advocate for gun control in this context.

Respect Law-Abiding Firearm Owners

Gun control is not about taking away all the guns and ensuring no private citizen owns a gun. To advocate for gun control, a part of that is respecting law-abiding firearm owners who, a lot of the time, will be your ultimate allies in fighting for better gun violence prevention.

A lot of people own guns and follow all relevant laws regarding how they are stored and used. These people are not the enemy of gun control and, as stated, frequently will be arguing alongside you for better gun control.

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