Why You Should Add Dubbing to Video

Why You Should Add Dubbing to Video

Watching videos is used for entertainment and sharing information; we all have enjoyed movies and TV shows. It is a sensory experience combining the visual and audio that can take us on an emotional ride or an uploading of data.

The problem is not everyone can understand the speech. We all see the same things with our eyes, but if you are watching a video in another language, you are missing context and story, and the message is lost.

What about dubbing? Is spending time and money adding dubbing to a video is worth it? Absolutely, and here’s why.

What Is Dubbing?

Have you ever watched a movie that isn’t in your original language? Most streaming platforms have a drop-down menu so you can pick your language, and then the dialogue is coherent, and you can easily follow along. This is the essence of dubbing.

Dubbing is a process done in the post where the original spoken audio is translated and replaced with another language for different audiences. Recently, AI dubbing technology has streamlined the process, making it more efficient. While subtitles are reading an alternate language, dubbing is hearing it. The process is done through:

Voice Over

This is a direct translation by muting the original language.

Looping (ADR)

Looping is a close syncing of short phrases using automatic dialogue replacement to make a finely finished product.


With lock-to-picture, professional voice artists watch the video and replicate the original performance in a different language.


This involves lowering the original audio, and a voice-over recording is played over the top.

A script is written, voice casting is done, and the hired professionals record the audio to be mixed into the video and released.

Dubbing Helps You Expand Your Audience

Unless you are making a video for your local audience, the more eyes on it, the better. The entertainment industry produces video footage for TV shows, movies, and music to be shared globally, and if you want the same impact, you need to add dubbing.

This puts you in a better position to reach more consumers or customers, and this works well for all formats, from entertainment to instructional videos.

Dubbing Gives You Better Video Quality

Anything you can do to enhance the viewer’s experience creates a superior product, and your videos will only get better with dubbing. Being able to fully understand what you are watching helps to immerse you in the content, and viewers will retain more of the information and be further impacted.

Dubbing also concentrates on excellent audio quality and can accurately represent the dialogue and expression reflecting the original language. Your intended audience and beyond get to enjoy and understand the entire meaning of the video without missing out on and information.

Dubbing Taps Into New Markets

While you hope your video content positively impacts viewers, dubbing can extend the reach and discover new markets you didn’t expect. Customers want to engage in video content to understand and learn about what you have to offer, and when it is available in multiple languages, you get to do business globally.

Foreign people will feel appreciated, catered to, and more connected and loyal to your brand. Your client base will expand as you are reaching those who may not have been able to purchase your products or enjoy your content before.

Dubbing Stands Out From Your Competitors

Business is a game of grabbing attention, and there is so much competition that you have to work against. Any advantage puts you above the pack and makes you stand out.

Video dubbing is the edge you may need to grab more people’s attention, and it shows that you care to reach people in their original languages. It speaks to your commitment to service and builds trust, retaining customers and spreading the word about your commitment to connect with everyone across the globe.

Dubbing Has Better Chance Of Going Viral

Whether you are a social media content creator, a paid influencer or a company marketing your products, the dream is that your videos go viral.

A viral video, image, or story grabs immediate attention and spreads quickly and widely online. This is mainly on social media or other connective communication, and the results can dramatically get your message out and expand your brand fast.

There are 8 billion people on the planet, and what you produce may not be understood by many people without dubbing. When the right language is inserted into your video, everyone can hear and share it with friends. You are doing more than reaching a larger audience, though. You are deeply engaging with them, and that in itself is viral-worthy.

This is why you should add dubbing to your videos. It may be an upfront cost in your video production, but the benefits will far outweigh that as you gain a larger viewership and increase your presence across cultures.

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