Underground Mining Technology: A Brief Guide to the Modern Tools

Underground Mining Technology: A Brief Guide to the Modern Tools

Working in a mine involves various health risks. Respiratory problems and hypertension are quite common among miners. Moreover, around 12,000 people lose their lives every year around the world in mining accidents.

Modern underground mining technology not only aids miners in extracting more natural resources, it has also reduced casualties over the years.

Modern mining tools and equipment significantly increase productivity, while cutting down on operational costs for mining companies.

The workers should fully understand the functions of the machinery that is being used in mines to stay safe. Here are some modern tools that are commonly used in the mining industry:

· Blasting Machines

Commercial blasting machines prove effective in getting rid of the obstacles that prevent access to the natural resources. Furthermore, they also efficiently separate resources from waste materials.

Excavator machines are then used to move the debris to the surface. This way, it’s easier to extract the resources.

Blasting operations are considered quite hazardous in the mining industry. A majority of accidents occur when blasting goes wrong. Unless the workers are trained well to efficiently operate the machines, it won’t be easy to prevent such cases down the road.

· Drilling Machines

Modern drilling machines are commonly used in underground mining. With the help of these drills, you can easily access natural resources found deep under the surface. These machines help you dig holes down into the surface.

Once you’ve reached the natural resource reservoirs, you need to bring the resources to the surface. This is when the specialized diggers, loaders, and trucks come into the picture. You can use these machines to excavate the materials and then move them to the surface with the help of lifts.

Moreover, if the miners have to work in the mines, they can use these drills to dig deep holes. Through these holes, they can easily enter the mine.

Back in the day, the miners had to use these machines manually, but today, remote-controlled machines are more common in the mining industry. These remote-controlled drills reduce safety risks.

· Crushing Tools

When you obtain natural resources from mines, you need to move them to the factories where you can process them. Moving huge rocks involves higher costs. You can break them down into smaller pieces to cut down on the costs.

Crusher tools can reduce these large rocks into smaller rocks or gravel so that you can easily transport them to the desired location.

In the mining industry, this equipment is extremely valuable. It’s because the mining operations involve high costs. But you can significantly reduce these costs by using crushers.

Since the mid 20th century, mining accidents have significantly reduced. It’s because the machinery used to perform underground mining operations enables the miners to obtain minerals in a safe way. These machines also help the mining companies reduce costs and increase revenue.

However, it’s important to train the miners about the efficient use of these machines. This will prevent them from making any costly mistakes.


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