Tips on How to Keep Your Golden Retriever Happy

Tips on How to Keep Your Golden Retriever Happy

“A Dog is a Man’s Best Friend”… How many times have you heard this? People who own a pet dog have the most amazing life experiences. They have this energetic ball of fur that is constantly in the mood to play, offers comfort in sorrow and celebrates the smallest of accomplishments.

One popular dog breed that is loved by most people universally is a golden retriever. They are the happiest domestic dogs and are known as one of the most faithful companions. Owners of golden retriever puppies know how high maintenance this dog breed is. The key to their happy and healthy life is to play with them when their mood strikes and showering them with love and attention. The only problem with golden retriever puppies is that at this age, they are highly susceptible to disease and thus, very fragile.

Following are a few tips on how to keep you golden retriever happy and healthy:

1. Food

Sedentary golden retrievers need around 1,272 calories, whereas, those that are active or do exercise daily, need around 1,353 to 1,740 calories. One thing you should be aware of is that golden retrievers like to put things in their mouth, which means they are likely to eat anything.

They are not choosey but extra food can cause obesity, which can be dangerous for this breed. You can give them a mixture of dry kibble and canned food. The former food type prevents tartar from building on their teeth. Since, golden retrievers love to eat; you will have to keep a close eye on them.

2. Playtime

As mentioned earlier, golden retrievers love to put anything in their mouth. Before this habit causes them harm, give them a supply of chew toys, with which they can become attached. However, playtime doesn’t end here. Golden retrievers are alw

ays down for an adventure. Since, they are prone to developing diseases, better exercise them daily. A morning walk, playing Frisbee in the park and other activities such as tracking, agility and obedience, will not only keep them healthy but will help you develop a deeper bond with them.

3. Retrievers Love Them Some Buddies

Golden retrievers absolutely love playing with their own breed. If owning more than one golden retriever is not feasible for you, then join dog park activities where they can make friends with other golden retrievers.

4. A Tub of Ice Cream a Month, Will Make Them the Happiest Dogs on the Planet

Ice cream helps fuel appetite but that’s not what we are talking about here. You need to establish some ground rules with your dog and that means rewarding them with treats for good behavior. One treat that golden retrievers love is ice cream. So once a month, let them snack on a tub of ice cream. They deserve it after all the exercising they have done!

Every dog needs a loving and caring home, where they can be their quirky self and are showered with unconditional love. Owning a dog is the most satisfying experience of life and when that dog is a golden retriever, you are in for a fun filled adventure.

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