How to Initiate Sex With Husband

How to Initiate Sex With Husband

Are you a horny woman that isn’t getting enough action from your husband? Waiting for him to make a move can be frustrating, and some women feel that they shouldn’t initiate sex because that is a man’s job.

Most men want their partners to make the first move, which is an incredible turn-on for them. There is nothing to feel ashamed about because you are a sexual being just like him, and if you have a high sex drive, take it out for a spin as often as you can.

Not sure how to go about it? Here are some great ideas for how to initiate sex with your husband.

1. Sex Toys

A clever way to get him in the mood is with adult sex toys. If you already have some, place them on his pillow so he knows what you want. Better yet, bring a vibrator to the couch when you are ready to watch tv at night. Take your panties off, use them on yourself, and see what he does. He will want to get in on the action and watch or help you.

There are lots of great toys to get and try out, so pick up a:

  • Vibrator
  • Cock sleeve
  • Anal plug
  • Dildo

Be bold, show him your purchases, and tell him you want to try them out tonight. He will get on board instantly and want to experiment with you.

2. Be Eye Candy

Nothing gets a guy in the mood faster than a sexy woman. That’s why they watch porn and look at women who wear revealing clothing. If you want a night of passion, dress for the part.

Ditch your regular pjs for something more revealing, and make sure he sees you. Even a tight T-shirt and panties will work. After a shower, just walk around in a robe and let it open up to show off your lady parts in front of him. Better yet, flash him or go naked and then walk slowly towards the bedroom. You can bet that he will eagerly follow you.

3. Get Handsy (and Kissy)

It doesn’t take much for a guy to get excited, so if you want some action, make sexual contact. You can do this every time you walk by him or if you are on the couch watching tv. Grab his butt in the kitchen; guys do this all the time. Run your hands under his shirt and play with his nipples. Give him deep kisses out of nowhere and grind your booty into him. He’ll get the hint.

You can also reach into his pants on the couch and give him a hand job or BJ. Ensure he doesn’t finish because you want to get some action first. Just use this as a primer to get him ready for sex.

4. Let Him Catch You Masturbating

This one takes a little setup and timing, but it is a major turn-on for guys. It will get you excited and wet as well. After dinner, disappear into the bedroom and get naked on the bed. Then start playing with yourself. He will eventually notice that you are missing and come looking for you.

It doesn’t matter if you have an orgasm before he gets there because you can let out some moans to get his attention. Then when he discovers you, act surprised but invite him to join you. Tell him to taste you or get in on the masturbating; before you know it, you will have full-on sex.

5. Join Him In The Shower

This is a great time to initiate sex because he’s naked, clean and easy to turn on. Wait until he has soaped up his body and get naked. Then climb in the shower and offer to help him wash. He will be instantly turned on and want to wash you up too.

Start with oral in the shower and then lead him to the bedroom while you are still wet, getting into your favourite position so he knows what you want. He will be so turned on that you will probably have the best lovemaking session you’ve had.

6. Take Control

When you want sex, you shouldn’t have to wait. You must take control and let him know you are horny and ready for sex. Here are a few ways to do it:

  • Give him a bj while watching tv
  • Bend over in front of him with no bottoms on so he can see everything
  • Climb on top of him while he’s sitting down and start making out
  • Grind on his leg or push your booty into his crotch
  • Grab his hand and put them on your pleasure areas

Sometimes a guy doesn’t get the hint, so you must be in charge to make the sex happen. Use these ideas to initiate sex with your husband, and he will love you for it. Be bold and get the sensual loving you deserve.

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