How to Feel Safe Living Alone

How to Feel Safe Living Alone

It can be pretty exciting if you finally take that first step to living by yourself. You’re free to do what you want, you are independent, and life can be great. However, one question you may have thought about is how to feel safe living alone.

Living in a good neighbourhood can give some peace of mind, but that doesn’t mean that nothing bad will happen. Anything can happen whether you live on your own or not, so it is best to be prepared.

Let’s look at some advice on how to feel save living alone:

Safety when living alone

Even before you move in, you should perform a safety check. If you have to call in someone experienced, by all means, do so. This could be a friend or even a professional. Make sure you have a sturdy door made of metal or solid wood.

If you have more than one entrance, install deadbolts. Also, make sure your windows are strong and secure. If you notice anything that makes you feel a little uncomfortable, fix it, or tell your landlord.

Exit plan when living alone

You should always have an emergency plan if something goes wrong. For example, there could be a fire (not necessarily in your place, but possible), a break-in and other scenarios. Know where the exits are.

If you need to escape as quickly as you can, you won’t be stumbling or panicking. You will know exactly where to go.

Smoke detectors

Every home should have working smoke detectors. Make sure that you do. If not, install one or tell the landlord. Also, make sure that it is in good working order with a new battery. Test it for yourself to make sure it works.

Chances are, there may not be a fire in your place. Having said that, you never know. You could be frying something, the phone rings, and the next thing you know, there’s a small fire on your stove.

On the other hand, you could be living in a building where there may be elderly folks. Sometimes, they can be forgetful and inadvertently start a fire. Install a smoke detector as soon as you move in.

Throw parties

If you happen to be an introvert who likes privacy, this may not apply to you. Otherwise, it may be good to throw regular parties or have friends over regularly. If a potential burglar notices that you have a rather busy home, the chances of being robbed are greatly diminished.

Get a dog

Dogs are a great deterrent for burglars. Make sure that you place a sign on your door to say you have a dog. You can even place a sign there if you DON’T have a dog. Why not? A burglar will look at a sign like this and think it is just not worth the hassle. Dogs protect your property and bark. Burglars do not like the extra attention this can bring.

Security systems

You can invest in a decent security system and place a sign to show that your premises are monitored. You can buy home automation systems that can alert you if something happens. You can get security cameras and place them outside or even inside your home.

It is best to get a professional to do this for you unless you happen to be a bit of a tech expert. This can make a powerful statement to would-be intruders. They will most likely not bother you or your property.

Be careful of social media

Many people do not think about what they are posting online. Thieves may be watching. If you post something like, “Going to Bangkok for two weeks!!! I hope the men don’t pinch my bottom! Eeeek!” By posting something like that, you may as well leave your front door open for two weeks.

You may as well tell everyone the spare key is under the mat. Be very, very careful when posting online. Information like this will have a burglar wiping the foam from his mouth.

Be friendly with neighbours

You don’t have to be bosom buddies with neighbours, but it is a good idea to be polite and friendly with neighbours. Neighbours can look out for each other. A friendly neighbour may be more willing to help in an emergency if you are friendly yourself.

Door peephole

Make sure your door has a peephole. This way, if a stranger knocks, you can see who it is and tell them to go away politely.

Door locks

Make sure to lock all doors and windows. All locks should work and be strong. Make sure to secure all entry points to help keep you safe.

To know how to feel safe living alone, you can do even more things. You could take self-defence classes. You could tell friends your whereabouts, and you can tell the landlord not to put your full name on the intercom or mailbox and even more. Taking smart precautions can help you feel safer when living alone.

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