How to Do Makeup for Beginners: 6 Best Techniques

How to Do Makeup for Beginners: 6 Best Techniques

If you are just starting to get into makeup, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed. There are so many different brands, various application techniques, and different looks for different events.

We’ve rounded up six tips that will help you learn to do makeup, even if you are just beginning. Try not to feel too overwhelmed; just like with anything else you’re learning, it will take lots of patience and practice. Take it one application session at a time and your makeup skills will continue to improve the more you do it.

As you progress in your  makeup skills, you can attend beauty school to learn the more advanced techniques. For the time being, let’s start with the basics of makeup application. Below are the six best ways on how to do makeup for beginners:

1. Start with a Freshly Cleaned Face

The last thing you want to do is apply makeup without first washing your face. This creates a blank canvas for the makeup and will also help you feel fresh throughout your day.

One thing that we recommend is first figuring out a skincare routine that works best for the type of skin you have. You can do some research online, speak with friends, or visit your local pharmacy and ask the cosmetician there for advice on which products to use.

We suggest first apply your skincare routine, then applying your makeup. If you don’t have time for a whole skincare routine before applying your makeup, just make sure you give your face a good cleaning with a cleanser.

Some products you may end up using include toner, a moisturizer, and maybe even sunscreen if it’s the summer and you burn easily, but this is totally up to you.

2. Put on Under Eye Concealer

Now that your face is clean, you’re ready to start the makeup process! It will take time to learn effective ways on how to do makeup for beginners, so please be patient. First, it’s a good idea to start with some under-eye concealer (you know, to hide those dark circles and bags!).

To apply this, use a small pointed brush to dab a bit of concealer where your under-eye circles and bags are the darkest. This is most commonly at the inner and outer corners of your eyes. If you have other small blemishes on your skin, you can use this to cover them up as well.

Pro Tip: Look for an under eye concealer that is as close as possible to your skin tone. When in doubt, always go with a concealer that is on the lighter side, rather than the darker side.

3. Apply Your Eye Shadow

We always recommend starting with your eye makeup. If your eye makeup gets a bit messed up while you do the rest of your face, you can always go back and touch it up.

If the concept of eye shadow intimidates you, start with a single neutral shade of eye shadow like taupe. When it comes to applying your eye shadow, use a rounded brush or your finger to make quick, short swipes across your eyelid. Work your way up to your brow bone. Make sure to apply it from your lash line to just past the inner crease of your eye.

Once that’s complete, have the eye shadow fade upward toward the bone.

Pro Tip: For best results, set your eye shadow with a thin dusting of translucent powder.

4. Tackle Eyeliner and Mascara

Now that your eye shadow is complete, it’s time to move on to your eyeliner and mascara.

To start, take a brown or black eyeliner and start applying it along the rim of your upper lash line. Do this using short strokes for the best results.

Next, lift your upper lid with one hand and look down into a mirror as you apply the eyeliner with your other hand.

Once your eyeliner is complete, use an eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes. Now you can apply your mascara.

Pro Tip: Warm up your mascara in a glass of warm water. This will ensure it goes on extra smoothly.

Applying both your eyeliner and mascara will get easier with time.

5. Pick the Perfect Foundation, Blush, and Bronzer

If you have never picked a foundation before, try to swatch it on your hand to find one that is the best match. When you get home, look at it in different lighting to make sure it’s the right match for your skin tone.

There are many different ways to contour your face with foundation. If you have an oval face or a heart-shaped face, for example, there are charts you can find online that will guide you through the whole contouring process.

Now for the blush. Once you have a colour that will work well with your skin tone, apply it to the apples of your cheeks. An easy way to do this is to smile while you apply it so you can see where your apples are. Then, blend the blush upwards towards your temples for the best look.

Pro Tip: When applying bronzer, use the E3 method. Start at the top of your forehead and continue applying the bronzer down the side of your hairline. Next, use the bronzer to bronze the hollow of your cheek underneath your cheekbone. Then apply the bronzer again going down from your ear, bronzing along your jawline.

Once finished, it will create an E shape on one side and a 3 shape on the other (thus, the E3 method!).

6. Apply Your Lipstick

When applying lipstick, you always want to pucker your lips and then dap the colour on the center of your upper and lower lip using the lipstick tube. Then, use your fingers to blend the lip colour outwards. You can add more colour with your fingertips as you go.

We hope this helps you achieve the look you’re going for, even if it’s the first time you’re applying makeup!

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