How to Decorate Boxes for Gifts in 6 Creative Ways

How to Decorate Boxes for Gifts in 6 Creative Ways

The art of gift-giving is as old as human history itself. Exchanging presents for special occasions, or as a means of gratitude, is always seen as a nice gesture. Unwrapping a present on Christmas morning is something that never gets old, nor does receiving a package from a reputable, trustworthy business.

Concerning the latter, you may be running your own small business that deals in shipping out gifts. Instead of sending the product to the intended target in a monotonous way, why not take it up a notch? There are various creative ways in which you can decorate your product’s boxes.

Here is a guide on how to decorate boxes for gifts:

1. Custom Colours

Many small business owners will use a specific colour set to establish their brand identity. Of course, this translates into how their products are eventually shipped out. While there is nothing wrong with this strategy, it may not be as eye-catching as initially thought. To make the actual gifts stand out, use a vibrant colour scheme.

If you send a gift abroad or mail one out from your business, colours are a key factor. For example, use a few vibrant colours to immediately draw eyes to what is in their line of sight. It will be seen as an extra touch, which can go a long way towards customer satisfaction.

2. Minimal Touch

On the flip side, you may want to go with a simple strategy for your boxes. The product itself will be gratifying to present; alternatively, the box may need to be creatively inspected. Sometimes, simple tactics work the best, so you should use as few details as possible.

Include the company’s name and any other pertinent information on the exterior. Then, wrap the covering around the product, and ensure it is secure enough to send out. There is no more work to be done here, as doing less, when it comes to creativity, can result in doing more!

3. Custom Tape

There are several ways to secure your custom boxes before shipping them out. Of course, the conventional tape tool is present, which can be used without much trouble. Tape can be somewhat mundane when used, however. You should up the ante a bit by using custom tape.

With custom tape on your boxes, you entirely add a new type of decoration. You can print key messages, such as a witty phrase, onto the tape. It adds a touch of personalization that was not previously thought of before. Experiment with the messaging, and your overall box will stand out.

4. Box Embellishing

Another awesome creative way to decorate your gift boxes has to do with embellishments. These secondary decorations add a subtle touch to the overall package, like the custom tape before it. The type of embellishments you use here can vary from product to product. As a result, think about which ones make the most sense.

For instance, you may decide to add some glitter onto the box’s exterior, followed by a red ribbon. These materials stand out amongst a younger demographic, as the vibrancy of the materials is nifty. It may be worth considering using materials that evoke emotion for older crowds. Embellishments are a great additive to any sort of packaging as a result!

5. Box Transparency

Most of the time, our eyes are drawn to things directly in our line of sight. While your standard gift box can work most of the time, you may want to rethink the structure entirely. This makes the packaging transparent, allowing the customer to see what’s there.

Moreover, you are then encouraged to add a small, subtle touch to the opening of the packaging itself. The resulting gift box can be a wondrous sight, from a red ribbon to custom tape. You can receive great feedback from doing this since the competition may still be using normal boxes.

6. Test and Review

All types of decoration, about boxes for your gifts, will require some trial and error. The first shot you give towards a new type of decorative box may not have the intended effect. It may be best to experiment with a few ideas first to counteract this.

For most professionals, it is recommended to have at least two or three practical designs. Another couple of prototypes should be used for backup if need be. Once you find out what works, the decorations on your gift boxes will be the most optimal for delivery!

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