9 Tourist Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting Thailand

9 Tourist Mistakes to Avoid When Visiting Thailand

A first-time trip to Thailand can be an exciting experience if you avoid the following mistakes:

1. Carry Appropriate Clothing and Get Information on Thailand Culture

You will need to carry appropriate clothing for a trip to Thailand. A clue about their culture and climate will help avoid the mistake of packing inappropriate clothes for the trip. When visiting Thailand, carry light shirts for the hot weather, mosquito repellent bracelets, and open shoes to allow easy and comfortable movement. This helps you blend in with both the Thailand culture and the climate.

2. Choose a Beach Preference in Advance

Prior to your Thai trip, choose the beaches you would like to vacation at in advance. Research on the list of beaches available to avoid a disappointing experience. Read online reviews about the best beaches in the country. Other people’s experiences are good indicators of the type of experience you can also expect. However, when it comes down to the wire, the best beach is only a matter of personal preference.

3. Have a Shopping Plan

There is a temptation to buy everything that tickles your fancy. This is all right if you can afford it, but you had better have a plan on how to carry it home. Instead, shop wisely and only buy what you can afford, and what you can conveniently and safely bring home with you. You might want to buy a duffel bag to lug your shopping in. Avoid buying unnecessary items, which are difficult to carry home.

4. Find out What an Animal Ride Entails

Choosing to ride or not to ride animals is your choice. Meanwhile, having advance information on what it takes to ride an animal such as an elephant will serve you well, especially if you don’t like animals. It helps to avoid bad surprises. If you have the guts to ride an elephant, do a bit of research to learn what it takes and how you can enjoy the experience. You might, however, want to stay off animals if you think doing so is tantamount to cruelty.

5. Sunscreen in Thailand Is Expensive

Thai sun is extremely hot and requires one to protect themselves against sunburns. Sunscreen is an essential item to carry. If you plan to buy sunscreen in Thailand, you will spend a pretty penny, so it is advisable to bring enough supplies from home.

6. Avoid Cheap Transport

Cheap transport in Thailand can be highly inconvenient. That cheap jeep ride can be so hot and uncomfortable you may have to stick your head out for some natural air conditioning. Consider renting a car equipped with a functional air conditioning so you can sit back, enjoy your ride as you explore Thailand. Besides, Thailand has a very high accident rate. So, make sure your insurance cover is in good standing before you tour across Thailand. It pays to prepare for the unexpected.

7. Rise Early to Experience the Magic of the Thai Sunrise

Thailand sun is hot but with a magical spectacle during its early morning rise. Although you may not be accustomed to waking up early, you won’t regret setting your alarm to wake you up on time to experience the magic. You can go back to sleep after that.

8. Be Careful about Moving on Thai Oceans

Moving on the water during vacation is enjoyable but can be dangerous at times. That peaceful idyllic ocean lull can suddenly turn into a violent current. Moreover, dangerous attacks by sea animals are rare but not uncommon, especially when a boat capsizes. Take care of yourself and stay safe while on Thai water.

9. Stay Away from Direct Sun in Thai

Don’t assume you can’t get sunburns. Stay away from direct sunshine where necessary. When it is unavoidable to stay away from the sunshine, wear long-sleeve shirts and hats to protect yourself.

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