9 Tips to Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture

9 Tips to Mix and Match Bedroom Furniture

Your bedroom should be your oasis. It is the place where you go for rest and rejuvenation – your private escape from the rest of the world. Creating a functional and relaxing bedroom is easy, especially if you choose to mix and match your bedroom furniture.

What are the benefits of mixing up your bedroom furniture? Many people choose the easy way when it comes to styling their bedroom. Matching bedroom sets can be found at every furniture Toronto store. While these sets make it easy to create a cohesive bedroom, they lack the flair and personality of mixing different pieces.

When you choose to mix and match your bedroom furniture, you can:

  • Give your bedroom a unique personality.
  • Save money by buying used or antique furniture or by refinishing pieces yourself.
  • Add a variety of different colours to your room.
  • Add different textures to your space.
  • Tell a story or choose a theme.
  • Incorporate family heirlooms.

When mixing and matching bedroom furniture, keep these helpful tips in mind:

Tip #1: Choose a centerpiece.

Before you begin redecorating your bedroom, choose a centrepiece. This will be the room’s focal point and, in most cases, is either the bed or dresser. By choosing your centrepiece, you can plan all of your other decor items around it.

Tip #2: Tell a story.

Having a story in your room will help give it character. It will also help you select other pieces that will match well with your chosen theme. You can base your story around a colour, texture, or particular furniture style. Consider going bohemian, whimsical, or tropical in your design.

Tip #3: Use different textures.

The texture is so important when planning out your bedroom decor. It adds a heightened level of comfort and makes your bedroom more attractive. Use different patterns and materials to create a visually appealing and pleasant space to the touch. Mix and match other metals, surface textures, and textiles to create an elevated area with depth.

Tip #4: Select a color palate.

Choosing a colour palette will help you match your bedroom decor. By sticking to the same shades of a particular colour or choosing complementary colours, you can ensure that your mixed decor items fit perfectly. Selecting the right colours can be overwhelming and leave your room feeling uncoordinated if not done with care—Match tone-on-tone colours for the perfect blend of hues for complete cohesion.

Tip #5: Focus on comfort.

Comfort is one of the most important things to achieve in your bedroom. Your room is your getaway and should be created to be stylish yet warm and inviting. Include items like plush rugs, fluffy throw pillows, lush curtains, and lots of blankets. This will take your bedroom to the next level and create a space you can’t wait to retire to at the end of the evening.

Tip #6: Match your hardware.

A fast and easy way to create complete cohesion in a mixed and matched space is by selecting the same hardware for all your furniture. Hardware is a quick and easy way to transform a piece. Using the same knobs and handles throughout your room will create a space that is well thought out and executed to perfection.

Tip #7: Use repetition.

Select a few of your favourite style elements and repeat them throughout your room. This could be a particular fabric, colour, finish, or furniture style. The use of repetition will help create a space that feels united and whole.

Tip #8: Find balance.

Balance in your bedroom is essential. Look for ways to create symmetry. This will ensure that your room feels harmonious and that no particular aspect feels too heavy or uneven—balance light with dark colours and large furniture pieces with more delicate pieces.

Tip #9: When in doubt, start small.

If mixing and matching your bedroom furniture has you feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry! It can be challenging to know where to begin. One of the best things you can do is start small. Find a few pieces that call to you and work your way up from there. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your bedroom doesn’t have to be either. Live with the few pieces you have chosen and get a sense of how they make you feel. This will give you plenty of time to determine the exact look you wish to create and allow you to seek out the perfect items to design the room of your dreams.

Mixing and matching your bedroom furniture is an excellent way to express yourself. Your bedroom is a private place that should showcase your style. You should strive to create a relaxing and comfortable space yet unique. This home area is usually off-limits to visitors, so don’t be afraid to let loose! Have fun mixing and matching and create a personalized room just for you.

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