8 Best Countries for Living and Working Abroad

8 Best Countries for Living and Working Abroad

If you want to move somewhere across Canada, movers Toronto may definitely be of a huge help, but if you don’t mind moving abroad, reading our list of best countries for a living and working abroad may be of a great use. The Social Progress Index for 2017 gave an answer to the question of the quality of life in 128 world countries. The research covered 50 different indicators, but in fact, all can be reduced to three main ones: meeting basic human needs, the level of well-being and job and education opportunities.

It seems that, if you are looking for a new beginning and if you strive to open a new page in your life, it is almost certain that you will make a good decision if you move to one of the Scandinavian countries. Namely, according to the latest research, Northern European countries provide the best conditions for life in the world. Of course, the list is not only reduced to Europe, so you will definitely find some countries from other continents. Nevertheless, if you are not a person who is strongly attached to his or her home country and if you want to move abroad, make sure to learn more about best countries for the living and working by reading until the end.

New Zealand

Many people choose to move to this country, and the reasons for this are numerous. The living standard and the possibility of employment are definitely the most important aspects.

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If you want to live in a country where you can freely study, work, and in which you do not have to worry about the freedom of religion or freedom of political expression, then Australia is the right place for you.

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Among all the virtues we can attribute to Sweden, the Index has shown that this country is one of the safest in the world, with a very high standard of living, which is certainly the reason why many people decide to move there.

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The Netherlands

The Netherlands is also a very liberal country in which homophobia almost does not exist. If you want to live in a country of democracy and human rights, this is the right place for you.

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Canada is a country of educated people, and women here attend schools on average for 16 years. This country offers many opportunities, and if you are a Canadian citizen, you have no reason to move out.

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Switzerland has a beautiful nature and good living conditions that affect the well-being of the local population and high rankings on the scale. Not to mention their salaries, which are enormous!

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It has been noted that this country in the north of Europe is one of the safest in the world, and if you plan to move out with your family, this should definitely be your priority.

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If there is something advanced in Iceland, that is freedom of expression and human rights in general. Foreigners here are more than welcome, and the experience of living in Iceland may be one of the best in your life.

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