7 Ways Your Business Can Create Attention (Without Sacrificing Your Morals)

7 Ways Your Business Can Create Attention (Without Sacrificing Your Morals)

Finding ways to gain attention is essential for keeping your business around. The way you go about getting attention says a lot about you and your business. Check out these 7 tips to help your business get noticed without sacrificing your morals.

1. Ask Yourself: What Makes Your Business Stand Out?

Figuring out what makes your company stand out is the key to differentiating from your competitors. When you’re trying to get your business to stand out, you need to link your business with a real or perceived benefit that your customers want. Your business should stand out to your target audience, not just people in the industry.

Perhaps a special ingredient in your product makes it better than your competition. Maybe your business is more accessible than others. Whichever benefit you choose to focus on it needs to be directly valuable to your customers. If you’re struggling to find aspects of your business that stand out, interview your customers and find out what’s important to them. PR agencies can help you with researching your audience and finding what’s important to them.

2. Offer A Referral Fee

Referrals are one of the quickest, most ethical ways to increase the number of organic referrals you get coming your way. Offering a referral fee motivates your customers to share your business with their friends and family, especially if they enjoy your service.

Remember to honor your word and pay your referral fees. Customers shouldn’t have to remind you. People are becoming suspicious of paid advertising, and word of mouth always takes the fear out of trying a new company.

3. Get Your Business Involved In Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is an excellent way to gain publicity without throwing your company in front of everyone’s face. Social responsibility is a vital part of how your company is perceived. People are always going to be interested in supporting companies that give back to their community in some way. Having your business donate some if it’s time, resources or old equipment can make a significant impact in your community. Through your volunteer work, you might even generate some free press, without even trying.

4. Find Ways To Give Value

As mentioned above, it’s essential to find out what your customers perceive as valuable and find ways to give it to them. Producing a free guide on a topic relevant to your customers can help you build your email list. It’s easy to keep your company relevant if you’re always seeking out new ways to connect with your audience. The articles, eBooks, and the graphics you produce should always have your target audience in mind.

5. Write For Publications Your Audience Already Reads

Influencer marketing is a technique every business should take advantage of. When you write for publications that your audience already reads or you advertise via an influencer they follow, it’s easier to build trust since you’re not relying on just your reputation. Writing valuable articles in magazines, blogs or social media groups frequented by your audience is a great way to generate attention. PR agencies can help you find the right publications to connect you with your audience.

6. Set Up A Landing Page To Test Different Deals

A/B testing absolutely needs to be part of your marketing strategy. Testing different headlines and different call to actions will help you find the right combination of words to connect with your audience. Testing a variety of ad groups using Google Adwords or Facebook Ads will help you figure the best ways to go about connecting with your audience.

7. Connect With Influencers

As mentioned above, when you write for publications your audience already reads, building trust is a lot easier. You can connect with influencers and bloggers followed by your audience and get them to review your product. Sending out free samples of your product or service to these influencers is an excellent way to develop a buzz around your product. Not to mention, every review that links back to your site makes getting organic traffic easier.

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