7 Ways The Predictive Index Can Help Your Workplace

7 Ways The Predictive Index Can Help Your Workplace

The Predictive Index is a fast, simple and effective way to gauge the behavior of others. This is done by using a behavioral assessment calculator with science-based ratings. The insight that this test provides can be used by employers to gauge a worker’s personality, determine their drive, and identify motivation. In turn, creating a cohesive, more efficient workplace.

1. Objectify Behaviour

The Predictive Index is an ideal way for managers and business owners to gauge the behavior of workers. This is done by objectifying the behavior with use of a scale. When behavior becomes objectifiable, it can then be used to compare against others. Employers will want to use this analysis to identify which workers are compatible and which are not.

This information can then be used to eliminate workers with values that are not in line with the company’s. Eliminating workers who are not compatible can increase the employee morale and make for a better workplace environment.

2. Identify Drive and Motivation

Being able to identify the motivating factors of employee’s is vital for a successful business. That’s because, an employer can then pick which worker’s motivation is most in line with the job they are performing. That way, you can guarantee your entire work force is equally as motivated as you.

3. Predict Behavioral Patterns

Employers should want to predict the behavioral patterns of their workers. That way, if something were to go wrong employers will understand how their workforce reacts. Having unpredictable behavior in the workplace can drastically affect productivity and moral.

4. Ensure Staff Cooperation

The Predictive Index’s ability to objectify behavior is a great way to ensure everyone on your staff gets along. Having a cohesive staff allows for a greater chance of collaboration between them. Increasing the likelihood that the staff will get along will also increase communication, and morale amongst them.

This increase in morale and communication can drastically influence a work place’s production levels as workers will be happier and more upbeat. That’s why, it is important to ensure all potential workers get along by using The Predictive Index test.

5. Identify the Best Candidates

The personality of the individual should influence the position they fill. If it does not, the person may not be adept to handle the job. That’s because personality plays a major role in how a person completes a task, and the manner in which they do it. For example, if you intend to fill a position for a high stress job, the personality of the individual you are looking for should be patient and understanding.

If you are looking for a position that is highly self-motivated, you should seek out individuals that get satisfaction from setting their own goals. Not having a Predictive Index test completed on a potential worker can lead to high turnover rates and a negative impact for your company.

6. Drive Productivity

When you select workers that are happy with their position, they will inevitably feel driven and motivated to complete their job. This is especially true when members of the workforce actively communicate. Satisfied employees are more driven to produce quality work. In turn, having potential employees complete the Predictive Index test can increase productivity.

7. Streamline Hiring

Unlike other hiring methods, the Productive Index test is scientifically designed to eliminate candidates that are not a match. With this method, you are guaranteed to find someone who is the ideal fit for the position. This means that less time is spent reviewing resumes and interviewing, and more time producing quality work.

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