7 Recommended Automotive Services for Your Car

7 Recommended Automotive Services for Your Car

To keep your vehicle in mint condition and ensure it serves you for as long as possible, the following types of automotive repair services are highly recommended.

1. 3M Paint Protection

Once you buy a new car, you want it to look new for a long time. Applying a 3M paint film protects your car and keeps it looking new for years. This is the most efficient way of preventing moisture from damaging your car’s exterior.

While waxing and polishing give your car an unmistakable shine, a 3M paint protects your car and keeps it sparkling for a long time. Besides, it shields your car from stones, bugs, sand and other road debris. It also has a clear, almost invisible urethane protective coating, keeping your car in mint condition and boosting its resale value.

2. Truck Bed Liners

These provide a protective coating to your truck bed while at the same time making your truck look nice. Among the best quality sprays to use when applying a protective coating on your truck bed is Line-X Spray. You can apply these specialty liners on bumpers and as a protective finish for your truck.

3. Professional Detailing

For a comprehensive protection of the interior and exterior of your vehicle, you need professional detailing. This should include detailed interior and exterior cleaning and polishing that leaves your vehicle looking spotless.

Make sure the windows, vents, dash, and the console are thoroughly cleaned and polished while the carpets and upholstery should be properly vacuumed and shampooed. Wax every painted surface. The engine should also be cleaned and the wheels waxed. To round it off, have all the chrome surfaces polished to leave your vehicle looking brand new.

4. Rustproofing

Rustproofing protects your vehicle from rust and corrosion. This is especially critical for your vehicle’s undercarriage due to exposure to salt, water, dirt and debris found on many roads. If unprotected, your car’s underbelly is prone to rust and corrosion. The ideal time to rustproof your car is immediately after you buy it. You can ask the dealer to apply a protective undercoat before they deliver the car to you.

5. Sound Deadening

Soundproofing a car dampens or lowers noise levels to make your ride quieter and more pleasant. To deaden your vehicle’s sound, apply sound dampening coatings and barriers to various sections of your car, e.g. floors, doors, etc to prevent outside noise from getting in. With proper sound deadening, your in-car conversation and stereo are crisp and clear. Sound deadening works are done within a very short time.

6. Undercoating

Your vehicle’s undercarriage is the most vulnerable. It is constantly exposed to road debris, water, gravel, and salt that can cause rust and corrosion and consequently lower its value. This is where professional undercoating comes in.

You can have your vehicle undercoated with latex rubber to allow it to adjust to varying temperatures, plastic resin to increase its durability and consequently expand its lifespan, or tar to seal your undercarriage and protect it against salt, moisture, and other road debris. Tar also reduces road noise and acts as a barrier to rocks. When done professionally undercoating can last as long as your vehicle.

7. Interior Care

The interior of your car is your abode when on the move. Sometimes you may have to spend hours driving, especially when doing long distances. It should be properly protected and spruced up to ensure maximum comfort and protection. The last thing you want is to have leaks in your vehicle.

To protect your vehicle from spills, leaks and dirt, a water-based solution provides an invisible shield for your car’s fabric, upholstery, and the carpet without interfering with how it looks or feels. The invisible shield also allows you to clean spills without causing stains. It also blocks out harmful UV rays and prevents fading.

Just remember, your car will serve you well if you treat her well!

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