7 Most Romantic Gift Basket Ideas for Boyfriend

7 Most Romantic Gift Basket Ideas for Boyfriend

Men are complicated creatures— do they want sentimentality? Do they want practicality? Do they want a 70-30 mixture or a 40-60 mixture? Do they want neither and simply want a night out? Luckily for you, gift baskets can address your questions and more!

Gift baskets are the best way to address various love languages, ensuring that no matter what interests or hobbies your boyfriend has, there is a way to show him he is loved. Baskets are collections of gifts showing him that with every gift you bought, you put extra care, thoughtfulness, and affection into it.

If you have an anniversary coming up quickly, look no further. Or perhaps you are racking your mind about what to get him for Christmas. Maybe you forgot his birthday and are now scrambling to put together a gift that appears high-effort but was the result of a quick internet search. In any case, we got you!

Here are the seven most romantic gift basket ideas for boyfriend:

Idea #1: Games

This works for any type of boyfriend you may have. If your boyfriend loves video games, you could opt for the newest version of the game he likes or include a game he has never played but will enjoy. Perhaps he is one who enjoys classics: board games.

Not only are board games versatile, easily accessible, and require no other devices or electronics, there is something for everyone! If you would like to spin it, you could search up personalizable versions of your favourite board games and make every square another memory you have with him.

Idea #2: Food

Nothing says I love you more than his favourite snack and drink. Including these moments of thoughtfulness shows that you pay attention to his needs and wants and remember his small details.

If food is a large part of your relationship, you could even use a picnic basket as your gift basket and use it for your future dates. If you and your partner are fortunate enough to tie the knot, this can become a staple in your relationship. Maybe you’ll be looking for a wedding gift basket for your husband instead!

Idea #3: Articles of clothing

Perhaps you are in a long-distance relationship and want him to remember you daily. An article of clothing is a great way to incorporate yourself into his daily routine despite not seeing him in person (trust me, it’s less creepy than it sounds).

Buying a stylish scarf, a high-quality hat, silly socks, boisterous boxers, or sleek sunglasses will make him think of you every time he puts them on!

Idea #4: Date ideas

If you two are always scrambling for date ideas, having some predetermined ideas would be a great addition. You could write them on little slips of paper and throw them in a mason jar.

Alternatively, write them on popsicle sticks and place them in a cute baggy, or even cut out cute little hearts to write your ideas on.

Idea #5: Books

Yes, not everybody reads, but that doesn’t mean books don’t hold power. Your boyfriend would appreciate any book you give him, given it has meaning and thoughtfulness. Perhaps he loves basketball— get him an autobiography of his favourite player.

Maybe he loves fishing— get him a book with the coolest fish in the world. From comic books and fantasy to nonfiction and self-help, there is undoubtedly a book that will fit his needs.

Idea #6: Open-when letters

Open when letters are an amazing choice whether you are long-distance or not. Despite how often we want to be with our partners, we can not always be there through the highs and lows. Having these written letters on hand allows them to feel your presence and love despite the distance between you two.

A couple of ideas you could include in your letters are: open when you feel lonely, open when you want to know how much I love you, open when you’re hungry (and throw in $20 for a snack), open when you miss me, and open when you’re bored. You could include a million other ideas, so be sure to personalize them to your and his taste!

Idea #7: Memories

Memories are a classic way to go with any gift. There are thousands of ideas for ways to incorporate memories into your gift. For one, you could attach photos to the gift basket you choose. Even if you opt for a simply painted shoebox, adding photos to the inside of the box can elevate your gift to the next level.

You could also try an exploding photo box— all you need to do is purchase the outline of the box (available online), or even make it yourself (tutorials available online), and then attach photos onto each side. If you and your boyfriend are into photography, you could customize film reels to incorporate photos of you or print out and frame the lyrics to your favourite song or poem.

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