7 Electric Bike Accessories That Will Express Your Style

7 Electric Bike Accessories That Will Express Your Style

Dress up your electric bike with unique accessories. Whether you’re running errands on the weekend or heading to and from work, consider your bike a reflection of your personality. Show it off with these seven electric bike accessories.

1. An Eclectic Helmet

A psychedelic patterned helmet might be just the type you’re looking for: It’s loud, it’s bright, and it’s sure to turn heads. On the opposite end of the spectrum are the classy monochromatic colours, whether a jet-black helmet provides next-level cool or bold yellow describes you best.

Use these options to your advantage. From the affordable skateboard helmets to the DOT motorcycle helmets, there are a variety of patterns and colours to choose from, making it easy to find the helmet that best speaks to you.

2. A Funky Basket

Having a basket on your bike is both useful and chic. Not only do baskets come in different materials and colours, but they have the option to fit anywhere on your bike. If handlebar baskets aren’t your look, choose from side or rear pannier baskets.

Woven handlebar baskets evoke a throwback vibe for a natural, retro appeal. The simple, shiny black plastic basket encompasses a professional business look that never goes out of style. A canvas side pannier bag might strongly appeal to your artsier side. Invest in a stylish case to carry your goods.

3. Patterned Fenders

Bike fenders are a distinct way to amp up your electric bike style, and they’re incredibly useful to have—deterring rain, sand, dirt, and anything else from splashing onto your shoes and pants. This show-stopping accessory comes in a variety of patterns and fits to match your bike and wheels. Choose fenders with high-end wooden accents or opt for ones in a bold-coloured plastic.

4. Savvy GPS Tracker

The tech riders might want a simple GPS tracker—a device with a single purpose—instead of using their phones. It’s a sensible gadget, and it allows for easy navigation while you’re moving. Today’s GPS trackers even include anti-theft systems, making them safe and practical, in addition to guiding the way. Read up on app reviews to determine the best fit for you.

5. Matching Handlebar Grips

Grips do more than absorb vibrations while you’re on your electric bike—they add flair. You can look good and feel good while you’re riding. Check out daring colour-blocked pairs, ones that highlight brand logos, and pairs with leather accents. Today’s ergonomic varieties are easy on the hands and a trendy addition, adding a special trim to your electric bike.

6. The Right Seat Cushion

You want your tush to be comfortable on the ride. Invest in a high-quality bicycle saddle that combines comfort and style. Many are even ergonomically designed to fit with the way you sit while you’re on your bike. Gel cushions are popular options, available in multiple colours and patterns. Consider matching them to your fender and handlebar grips for a truly coordinated look.

7. A Smartphone Holder

For those who must have their phones within reach, the smartphone holder is an absolute must. The majority of styles include adjustable 360-degree arms that can hold any device you have, regardless of your phone size. The arms allow you to attach the holder directly on the handlebar, while keeping your phone secure and providing easy viewing while you ride.

Whether you’re listening to music or you need to follow directions, this holder is a multi-media bike-friendly accessory that won’t cost too much, and it adds a technologically chic vibe to your bike.

With these accessories, you can be sure you’ll stand out next time you’re riding.

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