7 Cute College Apartment Bedroom Ideas You Need to Consider

7 Cute College Apartment Bedroom Ideas You Need to Consider

Now that you’re all moved into your new college apartment, it’s time to start thinking about how you would like to decorate it. There are so many beautiful yet affordable things you can do to your bedroom to spice it up and make it look the way you want it to.

Even if you’ve decided to attend college away from home, you can incorporate some of the same things you had in your bedroom at home (or go for a totally different look!). When it comes to decorating your college apartment, there are so many cute ideas. Whether you want to make your space look like your old bedroom or you want to totally change things up, you can decorate your space in the most creative ways!

We have seven cute college apartment bedroom ideas that would look great in any residence:

Idea #1: Create a Gallery Wall

While you’re away for college, you’re going to miss your family and friends. One way to make it feel like they’re a part of your apartment is to put up a gallery wall full of pictures of them.

Find your favourite photos and then get some frames to fit them into. Use different sized frames to really help create a beautiful and seamless look on your bedroom wall.

Pro Tip: If you’re going with a black and white theme in your bedroom, consider making all of the pictures in your gallery wall black and white. This option never goes out of style and will add some sophistication to your bedroom.

Idea #2: Use Polaroid Pictures to Decorate Your Walls

A cute college apartment bedroom idea is to use polaroid pictures to decorate your walls. Going off the picture theme, if you use a polaroid camera and have amassed a collection of photos of your friends, use them as wall décor.

There are a few ways you can do this. You can purchase decorate string and pegs from your local craft store and string them up that way. You can also buy a plush bulletin board that comes with a criss-cross pattern made from ribbon and tuck the pictures in there.

Not only is this a great way to decorate, but it will also remind you of fun times you shared with your friends over the years. Your student apartments will truly feel like home once you add these personal mementos to your living space.

Idea #3: Decorate with Tassels and Pom-Poms

Nothing gives a room a bit of style and fun like tassels and pom-poms! Take a look around your local home décor store or even online to see what you can find. Some items include throw blankets, throw pillows, duvet covers, and rugs.

This is such a fun option, especially if you’re going for a bit more of a girly look.

Idea #4: Lay Down Rugs

Speaking of rugs, nothing cozies up a space quite like rugs. Rugs are also functional as they will provide your feet with something soft to walk around on during cold winter mornings.

There are so many different styles of rugs out there that you’re sure to find different colours, sizes, and textures. You can really have fun with this and choose a rug with a fun design or one in a bright colour.

If your bedroom is more on the neutral side, spicing it up with a burst of colour in your rug is a fun way to go.

Idea #5: Use Baskets for Décor and Storage

Baskets are a great way to store things while adding some décor to your bedroom. You can pick up many different styles and sizes and use them for whatever you have a need for.

This can be to hide extra cords, blankets, school supplies, winter gear like hats and scarves, or anything else you might not want on display.

Since baskets are so affordable, it’s easy to switch them up if you ever get sick of them.

Idea #6: Implement Bookshelves

As a student, you’ll have lots of books lying around. Make them look tidy and organized by purchasing a bookshelf. This can either be a floor standing bookshelf with many shelfs in it or floating shelves that you screw into the wall.

Not only will these be functional, but they’re a great way to decorate your space. You can add trinkets from home, from your travels, or just things you’ve collected over the years to break up the books.

Pro Tip: Organize books by colour to give them an extra special look on your shelves.

Idea #7: Create Ambiance with String Lights

Lighting is one of those things that can totally transform a space. In a college apartment, one way to use lighting to create ambiance is to put up string lights. These are easy to find, affordable, and instantly cozy up your apartment.

Turn them on at night to enjoy their full effect. If you don’t like to have a large overhead light on while you read or study, you can cozy up under your string lights to do your work.

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