7 Characteristics of a Wooden Watch

7 Characteristics of a Wooden Watch

For many people, the wrist watch has disappeared in the era of wearable tech and smartphones, much like the pocket watch went quietly away when wrist watches came into fashion. In terms of its ability to add class and status to any ensemble, traditional wrist watches have no competition.

The only problem is that in some cases, watches all start to look the same; they’re generic, plain, boring, and sterile. Except for wooden watches, of course. Read on to learn seven reasons why you should consider a wooden watch for your next purchase.

1. Centre of Attention

No matter if you spend $150 or $5,000 on a wooden watch, your time piece will automatically become the centre of attention and you will always have a great conversation topic.

2. Unique Style

Each hand-crafted wooden watch is unique, because no two watches made with hardwood can ever be exactly the same. Nature guarantees this with wood grain; the width, shape, colour, and direction of the grain will vary by species, the type of stain used, and the cut of the wood chosen for the piece. Even when two watches are cut from the same tree and made by the same person, it’s impossible to make them appear identical.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Trees grow on each and every inhabited continent, and is a renewable resource. With the adoption of responsible forestry undertaken in the last 30 to 40 years, we will not run out of wood in the foreseeable future. Even better, if the watch is made from bamboo, it has an even lower carbon footprint than most hardwoods and softwoods. Bamboo grows extremely quickly and is harvestable a lot faster than wood from a tree.

4. Rare

In this era of “dupes,” it’s not hard to find something unique to wear as an accessory. When you wear a wooden watch, though, they are still quite rare and you’ll be surprised at how many people remark on it, and who are surprised when you tell them, “Yes, it is made of wood!”

As mentioned above, since each watch is unique, you’ll never meet someone with the exact same watch as you. Only wood watches are impossible to duplicate exactly.

5. Natural

We’re surrounded by metal, plastic, synthetic materials, glass, and treated leather products. Pretty much all of the materials we are surrounded by all day, every day are processed, manufactured, and sterile. When you bring wood accents into your life, you keep a link to the natural world, even while surrounded by artificial light, filtered air, and the hum of electronics. While we can’t always control our immediate environment, we can carry with us, by way of a wrist watch or time piece, a little bit of nature.

6. Fashionable

You’ll set yourself apart with an accessory that will always attract compliments, questions, and comments. Whether you prefer a casual, natural-looking style, or an ultramodern formal look, a wooden watch in the right finish will perfect any outfit you choose to wear.

7. Traditional

According to anniversary custom, the fifth wedding anniversary requires a gift of wood. When you think about it, what could be better than to give your husband or wife a wooden watch that is both elegant and practical?

When it comes down to it, there are many reasons to buy a wooden watch for yourself or someone you love. Take time to look over some of the more popular designs, or go the custom route and pick your own wood, face, and strap, and enjoy your wooden watch for many years to come.

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