7 Best Philanthropic Causes That You Can Support

7 Best Philanthropic Causes That You Can Support

Humanity has made leaps and bounds throughout our storied existence. The development of society, working in tandem with technology and other important areas, has been crucial. It has allowed a majority of us to truly become elevated to the point of self-actualization. However, this cannot be said for a large part of the world.

While one person cannot change the world for the better, philanthropy is still something to consider. It does not have to be groundbreaking as solving climate change or world hunger. Rather, there are smaller philanthropic causes that you can take up yourself.

Here are seven best philanthropic causes that you can support today:

1. Animal Welfare Causes

Unfortunately, the world is quickly losing some of its most esteemed inhabitants. Whether through illegal hunting or factors such as climate change, animals are at risk. If no practical action is taken to protect them, they will eventually become extinct. To try and do all you can to raise awareness, you could join an animal welfare cause.

These causes allow you to meet like-minded individuals who will make it their goal to protect local animals. This can come from establishing a sanctuary of sorts, where the animals could live in peace. Our world was not only meant for humans; our animal counterparts also deserve equal protection!

2. Climate Awareness Causes

Another disastrous situation that we as a species have to deal with is the climate crisis. Sooner or later, the earth’s temperature will be raised to the point of no return. While it is incredibly difficult for one person to solve this, you could join a proper philanthropic cause. Climate advocacy groups are abundant in their numbers across the world.

The actions of these groups will also differ, depending on which one you join. For example, you could change things on a policy level by constantly advocating for greener changes. Or, you could raise money with your team to bring awareness to a specific climate issue. No matter which route you take, it is in your best interest to do all you can to protect our planet.

3. Church Mission Fund Donation

Religion has brought many benefits to those seeking it out as far as history goes. Many individuals have turned to Christianity, for example, to have a unique connection with their creator. Seeking out service can be found in a church, which may have its unique missions being conducted.

If you can, it is recommended to donate to the mission in your church. These could go a long way, especially since most church mission funds have to do with the community at large. One of the main tenets of a religion is giving back. If you can, donating to a United Church of Canada mission and service fund would be a very worthwhile cause.

4. Children Education Causes

Raising kids to be a part of society is a huge deal. That is because there is constant work to steer the children in the right direction. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of resources to account for when it comes to many children’s activities or associations. Donating your time and, if possible, some money would go a long way to sustaining these groups.

5. Caregiving Donations

On the other hand, the final parts of our human lives involve growing old and looking forward to your twilight years. Many organizations that pride themselves on elderly caregiving are not properly funded. That is why it can be a great avenue to work in if you search for philanthropic causes.

Not only is it a huge benefit in being able to sustain these organizations, but it is internally fulfilling as well. Many of us searching for ways to give back will look to these groups to enroll in. Whether by volunteering your time or through monetary means, it is a great opportunity!

6. Art Conservation Causes

As technology grows and advances, we may sometimes lose touch with how art was designed in prior years. Art pieces are constantly becoming scarce regarding what is available to the public. A great philanthropic cause has to do with conservation efforts in protecting what art remains.

7. Food Banks

One of the most common philanthropic avenues to get involved with is heading to a food bank. These organizations are always asking for more supplies or food items to be given to the needy.

Moreover, you do not always have to donate products if you cannot at the moment. By simply volunteering your time, you will be doing much good for many people. Philanthropy doesn’t have to be huge; any small effort will go a long way!

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