6 Warning Signs You Need to Repair Your Roof Immediately

6 Warning Signs You Need to Repair Your Roof Immediately

Most homeowners will usually wait until there is a leak in their roof before even thinking about calling a roof repair company. If you wait until water has already entered your home, the damage could be far more extensive than you realize, as moisture can attract all sorts of harmful bacteria and mould to your home. So, how do you identify a problem with your roof before there are any obvious signs? Here are 6 red flags to keep a look out for.

1. Your roof is getting old

If a roof has been installed correctly by expert professionals then you should be able to get a little over 20 years before it requires replacement or repair from a roofer. This is a great question to ask before you buy a home. Knowing how old a roof is is very valuable information. Not only when the roof was replaced, but also who did the work. Just because the owner of the home has changed, there is no reason why the team who laid the roof should not be accountable for any shortfall in the construction.

2. Have any of the shingles started to curl

Take a good long look at your roof shingles the next time you’re outside. Are any of them buckled curled or out of alignment? If so, this is a strong indication that it may be time for a roof replacement or maintenance. It may be something as simple as replacing the offending shingle or two. Or you the offending shingle may just be a symptom of a larger problem. It is also possible that the roof materials may be defective and you could be entitled to some form of compensation from the supplier. No matter what the root cause, it’s a good idea to get the problem taken care of as soon as possible.

3. Valley damage

If the valleys of your roof shingles have fallen into disrepair, then it is definitely time for a roof repair. Valleys are one of the most important areas of your roof. They guide the snow and rainwater into the gutters and stop build up of water in unwanted areas. If the roof valley is compromised then you could leave the rest of your roof open to further damage.

4. Missing shingles

If any of the shingles of your roof are missing, then you need this to be looked at sooner rather than later. It is always worth giving your rook a good looking over after severe wind or a storm. If you notice any shingles that have come loose getting them replaced should be a priority as the shingle is the first line of defence your roof has against the elements.

5. Is the flashing of your chimney damaged

If the roof cement or tar that keeps your chimney watertight has been compromised then the seal needs to be re-established. Ideally, this should be done before the next rainfall or as soon as possible. Any moisture that gets into your chimney can then spread through the chimney to every level of your house.

6. Have you found any shingle gravel in the gutters?

When you are cleaning your gutters and you find shingle granules or gravel, it is a sign that your roof is coming to the end of its lifespan. While not cause for immediate concern if there are no more obvious signs of the roof failing, it is definitely something to keep an eye on.

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