6 Wall Paint Colors for Dark Wood Floors

6 Wall Paint Colors for Dark Wood Floors

Dark hardwood floors are a very popular option right now. They create a dramatic effect and make any room feel more high-end and formal. If you’re looking to up your game and create a very stylish home, dark hardwood flooring is the way to go.

Beautiful dark hardwood floors are made all the more beautiful when paired with the right paint colour. A good rule of thumb for choosing paint colours to complement your dark hardwood flooring is to go for light colours.

Since there’s a possibility that the dark hardwood flooring will make the space feel smaller, you must pay close attention to the paint colour, so this doesn’t happen.

Luckily, we have six wall paint colors for dark wood floors that are sure to elevate the look of your home:

1. White Paint Colors

White is considered one of the best wall paint colors for dark wood floors. This colour will balance the flooring nicely and create contrast. You can opt for a stark, cool white or you can go for a warmer toned off-white, cream, or ivory.

If you get tired of white walls, you can always change it up and go for another colour.

2. Blue Paint Colors

If white isn’t your style and you want to add some more colour to your space with dark hardwood flooring, choose the lightest shade of a colour. This means that you will be pairing your dark hardwood flooring with an extremely pale colour. Not doing this, risks making the room feel too closed in.

The good thing about this is that you can opt for any colour, including light blue, to go with your flooring.

Blue is a very soothing, calming, and relaxed colour, especially when used in a light shade. That makes this colour a great option for bedrooms or any other space where you want to be able to relax.

3. Grey Paint Colors

Grey is an extremely popular paint color for dark wood floors. It’s such a versatile colour that pairs well with virtually anything. Dark hardwood floors are no exception.

This colour will make your space feel cool and modern. Since grey is a neutral colour, you can then have fun with your furniture and décor pieces. For example, you can choose a deep purple or navy blue rug, accent pillows, and throws.

With light walls and dark floors, your room will have a nice contrast that didn’t take much work to achieve!

4. Green Paint Colors

To avoid having your space look too overwhelming, again we recommend going for a light colour choice. In this case, opt for a pale green. This shade is calming and will make any space with dark hardwood floors look calm and relaxed.

If a room painted completely in green is too much for you, you can instead choose one wall and do an accent wall. This will be the feature wall of the room and this is where you should place the pieces that you want on display. For example, if you’re going green in your living room, place your sofa along this wall.

When picking furniture and décor, opt for a contrasting warm-toned colour. With décor specifically, you can even go for a darker green to make the walls pop and add some fun to the space.

5. Beige Paint Colors

As we mentioned earlier, going for a warmer-toned shade of white will provide a nice contrast in the room. The same goes for beige. Since it’s a pale shade, it will complement your dark hardwood floors and pull the richness out of the wood, making for an elegant looking space.

Beige is nice in dining rooms, living rooms, hallways, and small spaces like powder rooms.

You can also have fun with the furniture and décor pairings when you opt for beige since it’s a neutral colour. Feel free to play around with colour if you want to bring some more vibrancy to your space.

6. Greige Paint Colors

Greige is a mix of grey and beige. This colour combo goes well with dark wood floors and matches with virtually anything. If you have hardwood floors with black undertones, it will make the colour look greyer. If you have flooring with red or brown undertones, the room will appear more beige.

Opting for this colour also gives you flexibility when it comes to pairing furniture pieces and décor with the room. Since it’s a neutral colour, you essentially have a blank canvas that you can work with to bring in your existing furniture or change it up. There are so many possibilities!

We hope these six paint colour ideas for dark hardwood floors have sparked some inspiration and creativity in you. As we mentioned throughout, your best bet is to opt for a neutral or pale shade and then you can have fun with the furnishings and décor.

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