6 Lawn Care Best Practices for Serious Gardeners

6 Lawn Care Best Practices for Serious Gardeners

Taking care of your lawn goes beyond aesthetics. It is important for your home and the surrounding environment. You will benefit from healthy grass, flowers, plants and trees. Lawn care can make a big difference in your life. When your lawn is maintained well, your family and guests have an outdoor space that they can enjoy.

In addition, your lawn nourishes the environment and raises your property value. You may not realize, but a well-maintained lawn can reduce noise and air pollution. The benefits are endless. You can do some of the easy work yourself and call a lawn specialist for all the other rigorous work.

Here are the five main ways to keep your lawn healthy and looking beautiful. Good timing and techniques will keep your lawn in good shape.

1. Proprietary lawn fertilizers for best results

A well fertilized lawn is healthy, green and weed-free. A good fertilizer is vital to achieve these outcomes. Make sure to use premium products for the best results. When you use a high quality blended fertilizer, it will prevent weed infestation, disease and drought. It will also aid in healthy grass growth as well as assist in root development. This is because a good quality fertilizer provides important nutrients to the soil.

2. Weed control management

Weed can be aggressive and ruin the health of your lawn. To prevent stubborn weed from appearing, you have to regularly fertilize your lawn, properly mow it and use the right amount of water for irrigation. This will ensure your grass and plants stay healthy, while weeds disappear. You can do-it-yourself or call in a professional who offers weed control programs. Professionals use weed control products that are registered by the Environmental Protection Agency.

3. Insect control

Insects such as worms and bugs can destroy your lawn. Identifying and controlling insects are not easy. It is recommended to call a professional as they know what insects are responsible for certain lawn damage and the exact level of infestation. The professional company carries the right products in stock that will help to take appropriate action before the pest cause extensive damage.

4. Disease control

Proper fertilization, mowing and irrigation can prevent diseases like dollar spots or brown spots. Diseases occur when there are nutrient deficiencies. This makes is susceptible to infection. Calling a professional will ensure that the disease is detected and corrected with specialized control products. The professional can restore your lawn’s health in no time and help to curtail future lawn diseases.

5. Lawn aeration

Lawns can end up becoming too compressed preventing air, water and nutrients from reaching the roots. Aeration is essential for optimized root development and an overall healthy lawn. It will help to resist disease and insects, while improving fertilization and water movement. Proper aeration will ensure that the nutrients reach the soil beneath, and air and water penetrates the grass.

6. Overseeding, monitoring and control

Over time, lawns get worn out and need to be revitalized. Worn out lawns can invite weeds. This is when overseeding will benefit your lawn. It will invigorate and thicken your grass. Overseeding is perfect for covering all the bare spots, improving the appearance of a thinning lawn and preventing weed.

Before overseeding, there are a few preparation steps. You have to mow and rake your lawn to remove unwanted debris, dead grass and loosen soil. This step will ensure the seeds have easy access to the soil beneath. Spread your new seeds and ensure that the lawn is watered daily to keep the newly seeded areas moist. You will notice your lawn looking healthier and greener once again.

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