6 Fun Ways to Stay in Touch with Real Estate Clients

6 Fun Ways to Stay in Touch with Real Estate Clients

Just because you’ve helped your clients sell their home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get in touch with them ever again. In fact, you should make sure to stay in touch with your past clients if you want them to use your services again, or to recommend you to their friends and family.

A CRM can help you organize and manage your real estate contacts, but here are a few examples of how you can stay in touch with your past clients so they won’t forget about you.

1. Ask your clients for feedback

After you have closed a sale, you should get in touch with your clients to ask them for some feedback. But don’t do it right away: give them a chance to unpack their boxes and to get comfortable in their new environment.

After 2 or 3 weeks, call them or send them an email to ask them if they are satisfied with your services, and with the way you handled the transaction for them.

2. Pay attention to referrals your past clients send you

If a past client sends you a referral, don’t forget to get in touch in them as soon as you can to thank them. You have to let them know that you appreciate the fact they took a moment to recommend your services to someone they know.

And if they know that you’re grateful for the referral, they will probably be more than happy to send you many more referrals, helping you close more sales and build relationships with more clients.

3. Send them newsletters with useful and interesting content

When someone does business with you, you should ask them to suscribe to your real estate newsletters. Your newsletters will be a good way to remind past clients that you are there for them if they need some real estate help.

But you should also be sure to include useful and interesting content in each of your emails, so your past clients will want to keep reading them, and will remember you as a real estate expert.

4. Celebrate their home purchase anniversaries

Your past clients might celebrate their home purchase anniversary, and you should celebrate it with them. When the time comes, don’t hesitate to send them a email, or even a handwritten card to wish them a good home purchase anniversary.

Don’t worry about having to remember all of these dates: your real estate CRM can store this information for you, and let you know when past clients’ anniversaries are coming.

5. Send them birthday cards

Your real estate CRM can also warn you when the birthday of a past client is coming, so you can send them a card, or even a small gift.

This small attention will put a smile on their face, but will also remind them that you value your relationship with them, and that you’re ready to work with them again if they need your help to sell their home, or to look for a home in a new neighbourhood.

6. Don’t do too much

You want your past clients to remember you, to see you as a reliable real estate expert, and to call you again the next time they want to sell and buy a home. You want to stay in touch with them, but you don’t want to annoy them.

If you send them newsletters, don’t send them more than one email per month. Don’t call them constantly to let them know about new homes for sale, or to ask them if you can do anything for them.

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