6 Advantages of Single Hung Windows

6 Advantages of Single Hung Windows

With so many options for windows, it can get pretty overwhelming and confusing when it comes to choosing an option for your home (or business). The thing to remember is, whatever window you choose, there are going to be pros and cons for each one. Some are better for certain climates but it may not be right for you.

Perhaps you may not like one or two things about it. Basically, you just have to weigh the pros and cons and see what works best for you. Let’s take a look at single hung windows and some of the advantages and benefits they possess.

1. Affordability

Perhaps the most attractive thing about single hung windows is the cost. It is more affordable than its double hung counterpart. There’s less hardware in the installation of a single hung window. There is only one operable sash compared to several. Fewer moving parts make it less expensive. For people on a budget, this is an important consideration.

2. Energy Efficient

This may surprise you, as it does most people, but a single hung window is actually more energy efficient even though it would appear that a double hung window would be. The main reason for this is because only one sash can be opened. Since only one sash is operable, there is less chance of heat escaping when compared to other kinds of windows that have more moving parts. It is also better at preventing moisture getting in and thereby decreasing the risk of wood rotting, water damage, mildew and mold.

3. Easy To Install

Single hung windows take less time to install and are much more simpler and straightforward, compared to its double hung counterpart. Less time is spent on labour because the workers who come to install them can start the job and be out of there sooner. The other good thing is that problems are easier to locate and rectify, should they arise.

4. Create Older Styles

If you prefer an older look, or wish to maintain that classic older look, you’re in luck because it is easier for manufacturers to make these older styles. In fact, many a classic wood window that may have caught your eye in the past were very likely single hung windows. If this concept is important to you, than it makes perfect sense to get single hung windows to create the classic vibe you want.

5. Security

Single hung windows open in one direction only which means that there are decreased points of failure in the locking system. They also have the one lock only, so it’s less likely that you will forget to lock it if you go away for the day.

6. Save Space

Single hung windows are great for tight spaces. They are also good for smaller rooms like guest rooms, the bathroom or the study. Extra light can be let in as well as cross breezes and because they open only one way, you don’t really sacrifice any square footage.

No matter what kind of look you want to create, there will be a single hung window for you to make your home or business more attractive. There are many styles and materials and it is little wonder that they are so popular with many people.

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