5 Tips to Help You Build A Stylish Work Wardrobe

5 Tips to Help You Build A Stylish Work Wardrobe

Sticking to a professional dress code is intimidating if you’re unsure of what to do. Build a professional wardrobe takes a bit of time, but it makes dressing appropriately a breeze. Use the following suggestions to your advantage when building your professional wardrobe!

1. Upgrade Your Collection Of Blazers

Blazers are a part of any versatile professional wardrobe. Both men and women can pull off the blazer look. Equip your wardrobe with at least three blazers that you can rotate with your favorite pants. Blazers can pull together a variety of outfits and help you attain that professional look you’re looking for.

Make sure you have a few different pairs of pants to go with your blazers. Ladies can wear everything from a pencil skirt to a sheath dress with their blazer. Men can rotate their blazers with grey or khaki trousers and even jeans for a more casual look. Try and wear blazer colors that compliment your skin tone.

2. Find Some Comfy Shoes

Nothing is worse than forcing yourself to wear a pair of shoes just because they look fancy. Comfortable footwear is essential for maintaining your sanity in the workplace. With shoes, you’ll generally have to pay more for comfort and quality, but your investment will be well worth it.

If you’re having trouble finding some comfortable dress shoes, consider investing in some insoles. Women should try to load up on flats to rotate with their outfits and stay away from heels as much as possible. Despite how good they look, everyone knows how bad heels are for your feet which is the last thing you want at work.

3. Experiment With Accessories

When done correctly, accessories can help accentuate your look. The type of accessories appropriate for you will depend on your personality and your office setting. Making bold statements in formal environments usually doesn’t go over well. Start testing the waters with small items such as a watch or bracelet.

If you’re looking to really enhance your work outfits, look for bold necklaces, rings or colorful scarves. Stud earrings are always an excellent way to complete a professional outfit. Men can try cufflinks, nice shoes and of course, a nice watch.

4. Invest In A Quality Bag

Having a quality bag makes a huge difference in your appearance. At a certain point, walking around with a backpack or purse just doesn’t cut it. A nice briefcase or hybrid laptop bag are excellent ways to maintain your professional appearance, and they also act as accessories.

If you’re a hardcore traveler, consider getting a Tumi briefcase. No matter which model you decide on you can be sure of the quality. They come in a variety of professional looks so you can use them for both the office and for travel. Tumi briefcases cost a little more than other bags, but you can expect them to look new for years.

5. Think Simplicity Not Fancy

Dressing professionally doesn’t necessarily mean fancy. You wouldn’t dress the same way for the opera as you would a job interview. Simple outfits are the key to developing a professional look. Don’t feel you have to go overboard just because a dress code is enforced.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and overthink color pairings for your outfit. If you have a pale tone, stick to muted colors. If you have dark skin, use bold colors and use contrast to your advantage. Once you find a few outfits that work for you, just buy them in different colors and start a rotation.

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