5 Security Measures to Protect Your Storage Facility

5 Security Measures to Protect Your Storage Facility

There are many storage facilities available to store your belongings. However, some are more secure than others. Yyou need to do your research or else you could end up having your things stolen. The following are five security measures that the self storage facility you rent from should definitely have present.

1. Secure doors

You are in charge of providing the lock to secure your storage unit. However, the door itself will also play a role in keeping intruders from stealing your belongings. Therefore, you need to confirm it is strong and impenetrable.

Before signing an agreement to rent a unit from a place you are considering, request to see the very unit you would be renting. Make sure it is made from metal with steel being the best choice. Confirm that the door opens and closes as it should as well. This will ensure that your unit will be secure especially with a lock affixed to it.

2. Lights

When you rent a storage unit it can easy to convince yourself that you will only attend it when you need to during the day. However, there may come a time when it could be after dark and you need something from storage right away.

The storage unit you rent should be in facility that is well-lit during the night time hours. While lighting seems like something so minor and inconsequential, it really does deter people looking to harm or steal from you. Before renting a storage unit, confirm with the company that lighting is present and observe the facility at night to confirm that lights do indeed turn on when it becomes dark.

3. Security

Even during the daytime, you cannot count on other people always being around to help you if you need it. Consequently, you need to confirm that the facility has ample security to keep intruders out and can help you.

Some facilities have 24-hour staff on duty who is able to let you in and assist you in accessing your unit if needed. Others only have staff available during the day with a security guard standing watch at night. Both of these options will provide you with the ability to be safe and secure while accessing your storage unit. Any facilities that merely provide you keys and are left largely unattended should be avoided at all costs.

4. Cameras

The presence of surveillance cameras will deter intruders and people looking to harm tenants. Therefore, the facility you choose to rent from should have them as these will allow staff to keep an eye on all parts of the facility and will provide valuable evidence if a crime does occur.

When exploring your options regarding storage facilities to rent from, confirm the presence of cameras. There should be one at the front entrance monitoring everyone entering and leaving the facility. Facilities that are more security-minded will also have cameras that monitor hallways and common areas as well. Before agreeing to rent, confirm the existence of such cameras and confirm that they are operating at all times.

5. Fence & gates

It is not enough that your storage unit is secured with a metal door and lock. With a lack of sufficient security and the presence of tools, your unit can be accessed and stolen from. As a result, fencing and gates should be present at the facility.

Any storage facility worth your consideration should have tall walls around the parameter of the area. This will prevent people from climbing and accessing the belongings in your unit. A single front gate should be the only way in and out of the facility secured with either a lock and key or a keypad with only tenants having the passcode.

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