5 Personal Habits That Could Be Hereditary

5 Personal Habits That Could Be Hereditary

In the last few years, the interest in genes, DNA and heredity, all related to each other, have been steadily increasing. While it is understandable that the interest was always there in the field of science, the difference now is that a huge number of the common people are taking a lot of interest in genes and heredity.

This is also the reason why you see a sudden surge in the number of companies offering DNA test kits. In most cases, you can simply go online and order a test kit from CRI Genetics, just like you buy so many other things online.

Once you have the kit, all you need to do is collect your DNA sample, send it back to the kit company, and soon they will share their results with you. The results come with all sorts of information about you that can only be obtained using your DNA samples. To get you more excited about heredity, we are listing down some of the most amazing traits that are hereditary. Please note that a DNA test kit may not be able to find all of the below mentioned things by studying your DNA samples.

1. Coffee addiction

When it comes to coffee, some people cannot stand it (we wonder how), and some cannot have enough of it (we completely understand this). Some studies have shown that which side you fall on can be decided by heredity. Studies have found a direct correlation between a gene called PDSS2 and the person’s affinity for coffee. The gene is found in every person DNA, but some have a more active variant of it than others. And people with the more active variant are often found to be as not big fans of coffee.

2. Laziness levels

Next time when someone calls you lazy, feel free to blame it on the genes. While some people cannot wait to get up and start with their activities, others often inherit laziness without even knowing it. Research has found out that how active we are as people depends a lot on our DNA. If your family has the certain active gene for generations, you are more likely to adapt the active way of life than the, let’s say, the comfortable pace of life.

3. Musical talent

woman leaning on man’s shoulder while he is playing an electric guitar; rock and roll couple

Becoming a musician requires a lot of practice, right? Well, it also requires you to be born with the right genes to make the learning easier and faster. A lot of studies have been carried out to correlate genes with musical abilities. It has found out that people with certain genes are able to identify pitch and other music-related things better than people without those genes. Your genes also have an impact on how efficient your practice is – meaning some people will learn a lot more than others by practising for the same amount of time.

4. Popularity

Here’s an important one. How popular you are in your group can depend on the genes you inherited. Studies have shown the presence of certain genes, let’s call them ‘popularity genes’, in people who are popular in their social groups. These genes have a direct impact on Serotonin levels – which impacts your risk-taking appetite. And we all know how popular the risk-taker of every group is.

5. Driving skills

Next time someone makes fun of your driving skills, blame your genes. BDNF is a protein in the brain that aids memory and learning. Some people have a modified variant of a gene that results in the body producing less of BDNF. Lesser BDNF means lesser learning and memory skills, although not dangerously low levels, which can impact skills such as driving.

Wasn’t that an amazing list of things that can be hereditary?

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