5 Important Criteria for a Good Retirement Home

5 Important Criteria for a Good Retirement Home

When the topic of nursing homes comes up, people tend to get a little uncomfortable. That is a pretty understandable reaction, as the entire thought process can weave through so many emotions. Is the time of my loved one winding down? Will they be safe? Will they be happy?

Well, these are all valid concerns, and are natural thoughts to have. There are some things that you can consider beforehand that can ease these concerns in a big way, but what are those precautions? Well, in the words below you will find five very important things to consider before choosing a retirement home.

1. Location

There is a good chance that you will want to visit your loved one on occasion. That’s fine, but that also means that you will want to find an appropriately placed retirement home. The distance may not seem like much of an issue at first, but after the third or fourth 45 minute drive to the place, you may feel differently. All in all, it is typically better to find a place that is close, easy to reach, and one that is big enough for the elder to live comfortably in.

2. Services

The human body and mind can do a great number of incredible things. In a system that is so varied, it is only natural that the person will need a great deal many services in order to keep them healthy and comfortable. It is suggested that you think deeply on this subject and even consult a professional in order to get a better understanding of exactly what type of care your loved one requires. Once you have figured that out, shop around to various retirement homes in order to figure out which one will match your needs the best.

3. Staff

Now, the staff are the people who will be primarily dealing with your loved one, so there needs to be a certain level of trust here. See if you can take some time to observe the day to day goings on around the retirement home. How the staff work, how skilled they are, their level of empathy and warmth with the residents. If they seem truly happy to do their best to be highly respectful and caring, then you should consider them. It also never hurts to check their credentials and licensing.

4. Choices and Independence

The happiness of the resident is a major factor in the success of a retirement home, if not the biggest factor. A person can not be happy in life when they are basically confined to a bedroom for most of their day. A resident should have the option to wander independently, whether it be around the facility or within spacious recreational areas. Those areas should also have plenty of activities and variety in order to establish an independence that can really help lighten a person’s day. Allowing them that freedom can make life so much easier and more relaxing at the end of the day.

5. Their History

Unfortunately, there is a chance that a place could be rather sour on the inside, no matter how things look from the outside. This is a tough lesson that many people have had to learn over the years, sadly. Keep an eye out for red flags, such as a checkered service history, severe quality and control violations, and even a strange feeling in your instincts. As far as violations go, things such as residents being known to wander away from campus is a huge red flag. In your instincts, trusting your gut may just lead you to uncovering some shady business aspects if you look closely enough. Now, many retirement homes are on the level and are highly respectable, but you can never take the chance of not taking a close look at each one that you consider.

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