5 Guidelines to Maximize Your Physiotherapy Sessions

5 Guidelines to Maximize Your Physiotherapy Sessions

Ouch, my back!

A sports injury, a surgery, or a recurring pain in your back. There are plenty of reasons why you would speak with a physiotherapist. Millions of Canadians do every year, so the odds of you needing one are quite high. Since you’ll most likely pay out of pocket, you need to take advantage of every session because if not then you’re throwing money down the train.

What can you do ensure you’re enjoying the benefits of physiotherapy? Here are five ways to maximize your physiotherapy sessions:

1. Determine a Schedule Right for You

A big problem for so many patients who need to undergo physiotherapy is that they make excuses to miss their appointments because of their schedule. This is an issue that needs to be rectified immediately, otherwise you’ll only go to a handful of sessions before you concede defeat.

Once you are referred to a physiotherapist, it is your job to come to a reasonable schedule with the trained professional. You both need to agree on a set time that is tailored to both of your needs.

Even if you’re someone who takes part in the 9-to-5 grind, you can do mornings or evenings.

2. Is the Physiotherapist Accessible?

Similar to the scheduling problems, if the medical care provider is not accessible, then you will, once again, come up with a diverse array of excuses.

Sure, the physiotherapist recommended to you is the best in the world, but what good is it if they’re 90 minutes away from your work or home?

As you comb through the market of physiotherapists, try to locate one that is easy to travel to.

3. Always Compare Prices with Other Professionals

Not everyone has health insurance coverage at work. If you’re one of the millions of Canadian workers without this benefit, and you are also ineligible for OHIP-covered physiotherapy, then you’ll need to pay out of pocket.

We will be candid: it can be expensive.

Like any other good or service, you need to do your due diligence and compare prices. On one hand, you want to find someone who is reasonably prices. On the other, you don’t want someone who is so cheap that it makes you question their experience, credentials, and acumen.

Use your best judgment – if it’s too good to be true then it probably is.

4. Follow Instructions the Physiotherapist Gives You

Every healthcare provider has the same grievance with their patients: They do not follow instructions given to you. Whether it is performing a particular exercise or it is buying a specific item, many people fail to heed the advice of these healthcare experts.

Here is a question: What is the point of seeing a physiotherapist, or another medical care provider, if you will not listen to what they have to say?

You want to get better, don’t you? So, the only way to do this is to follow advice and instructions. Otherwise, you’re going to prolong the pain and agony you’re feeling right now.

5. Credentials Are Essential

Yes, it is true that most physiotherapists go through extensive training and education to become a medical professional. Unfortunately, some will either slip through the cracks or attend other less respected institutions.

When you’re navigating the vast landscape of physiotherapists, you should take into consideration their credentials. You want to ensure they are certified or have attended a school that you are aware of. If they fail to pass the smell test, then perhaps you should take your business elsewhere.

Ultimately, you should peruse the list of government-approved physiotherapists.

It is common for most patients recovering from a major surgery to consult with a physiotherapist. It is also common to go through weeks, or perhaps months, of treatment to fully heal. It can be inconvenient, irksome, and costly, but it is something that needs to be done. Otherwise, you’ll make a trip back to the hospital in no time.

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