5 Different Living Room Ideas with the TV Position

5 Different Living Room Ideas with the TV Position

Technology has allowed the TV to evolve tremendously. The TV was once a large and bulky item of furniture that took up a great deal of space. Nowadays, it has transformed into a sleek addition to any home decor. The placement of the TV in a room used to be all about pure functionality. Now, you may want to consider the deliberate design and aesthetics, while still retaining the core function of being viewed comfortably by all of the family and guests.

There are many great ways in which the TV can be used to accent a space. It can be the focal point of a room or its presence in the room can be muted. As the living room is where you will be entertaining guests frequently, you want this room to shine.

Here are five different living room ideas with the TV that can fit seamlessly anywhere in your home:

Idea #1: TV placed on a TV stand

Placing your television on a TV stand is a classic look. With the great variety of TV stands available, you will be able to easily match the style of the rest of the room with the stand. TV stands also have a practical purpose. The TV stand can hide the TV cables and any additional elements that you may need such as cable boxes, Blu-ray players, game consoles and more.

Having the ability to keep these items out of sight allows you to have a much more organized looking TV when it is not in use at all times. This option is one of the more affordable ones as there are TV stands on the market to suit any budget. It is also quick and easy to set up without the need for professional installation.

Idea #2: Custom built-in TV unit

Another simple living room ideas with TV is to have a custom built-in unit. If you are planning to have your TV placed on a large wall then this can be a great design solution A unit like this is essentially a cupboard with drawers and shelving that is built around your wall mounted TV.

This can look really sharp as it is possible to create custom shelving space to fit your artwork, books, sculptures in a clean way that is not cluttered but still makes use of the entire vertical space of your wall. There are often closed drawers or a cabinet underneath the TV that allows cables to be hidden. This also provides a great deal of additional storage.

Idea #3: Mounted TV

There is a right way of doing this and a wrong way of doing this. You need to first determine the type of wall you are intending to mount the wall on as this will limit your design options. For example, if mounting on concrete then you will not be able to fully hide the cables within the wall. There are ways of limiting how visible they are, but even with a cable strip it is not nearly as clean as when you mount on drywall.

When mounting on drywall, you will be able to fully hide the cables within the wall. You can have the TV mounted cleanly on the wall in a truly minimalist style. You can even have a soundbar a few inches below the TV with all of the cable hidden for that within the wall as well. This can often require professional installation, but there are ways to do this without as well.

For the best results, the wall surrounding the TV should be fairly bare with a few small accent pieces if any at all are placed there.

Idea #4: TV in wall panel

Now we’re getting a little fancy with this one. This requires professional installation. Essentially this allows the TV to be recessed into the wall so that it is flush with the drywall. This is very elegant and makes the TV almost indistinguishable from a large piece of artwork. This can be a great way to create the illusion of there being no TV and allow the focus of the room to be elsewhere.

Once you have this in place, you can then change the display of the TV to anything that you want on a whim. This can allow you to change the overall look of your living room with the push of a button.

Idea #5: TV above a fireplace

This can be an extremely elegant choice and allow all of your furniture to be angled toward the fireplace for cozy nights in, even without the TV there is something traditional this set up. One thing to bear in mind is that this will only be possible when mounting the TV.

To pull off this look flawlessly, cables will need to be hidden in the walls or other cable management system must be used. Professional installation is a must as there are several more considerations when placing the TV above a fireplace.

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