5 Common Mistakes When Hiring a Professional Cleaner

5 Common Mistakes When Hiring a Professional Cleaner

An office cleaning company can help to support your business in ensuring the ideal professional environment for staff and visitors. But in some cases, business owners make significant mistakes in working with their office cleaning companies, and these mistakes could mean that the office environment doesn’t reach its peak clean potential. Find a professional team with experience in the office cleaning industry.

In this latest post, we’ll explain the top mistakes companies make in working with office cleaning firms.

1. Choose the Cheapest Firm

While it might save you money in the short term, choosing the cheapest office cleaning firm for the work could prevent you from achieving that ideal business environment. There’s usually a reason a cleaning company offers services that are far more affordable than the rest in the marketplace. And one of the main reasons behind their affordability is often that they aren’t completing the work to the highest standards.

Cheap office cleaning companies will often not be able to hire the most qualified person for the job, because they themselves may not pay the top rate to cleaners. It’s important that you only take price into account once you’ve considered experience and certifications.

2. Not Asking Relevant Questions

One of the most common mistakes business leaders making in working with office cleaning companies is not asking relevant questions that can arise during the review of cleaning work. For example, safety signs might not have been used during the company’s cleaning work. And in this case, your firm might be held responsible if one of your employees is injured on the wet floor.

It’s important you recognize liability when it comes to the cleaning company you select. Make sure you ask about the company’s safety policies and consider other relevant questions to ask before you finalize any working agreements.

3. Not Speaking to Past Customers

Another common mistake that business leaders make is not speaking with past customers of the company. Make sure that you review the company’s work in the past few years, and connect with their former customers directly. You might find that they don’t provide the most glowing reference.

Ask the cleaning company for information on their past customers and any challenges they’ve encountered. And make sure that the information you receive is validated before you agree to work with the cleaning firm.

4. Not Delegating a Member of Staff to Oversee Cleaning

If you’re running the business, you likely don’t have time to review all areas of the property to ensure each room is in peak condition. Make sure that you have a staff member take a certain level of responsibility for the oversight of the cleaning company.

The staff member can simply communicate with the company and ensure they have access to the required areas for their cleaning duties. They can also come to you with any concerns they might have about the company. This helps ensure that any issues are immediately addressed.

5. Not Setting a Probationary Period

When hiring a new cleaning company, it may take some time for you to synchronize your working processes and for your team and theirs to get on the same page. It’s the reason that it’s so important to set a probationary period when working with an office cleaning firm. The probationary period should give you enough time to review their work and make a clear decision on keeping them within the firm for the long-term.

Take the time to review your local options and then follow the guidance in this post when choosing an office cleaning company. It can ensure you save money and achieve that ideal business environment!

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