4 Unconventional Nursing Positions That are Hiring

4 Unconventional Nursing Positions That are Hiring

One of the industries that never seems to have a hiring lull is the nursing sector. Like it or not, nursing jobs will remain plentiful because there will always be a need for skilled, effective nurses in the world.

There may be more to the various positions than you realized. There are conventional positions, like registered nurse, but there are also a few nursing positions that not many people have heard of. Here are 4 of the most unconventional nursing positions out there and what they entail.

1. Forensic Nurse

Unfortunately, not everyone who is admitted to the hospital is still among the living. There are victims of violent crime who enter the facilities either having lost their life or are about to. A forensic nurse would be there to help collect evidence and even give testimony to help possibly convict a criminal.

There are different areas within the forensic field. Nurses within forensic can specialize in work with victims of domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, and so many more. They can also work for insurance companies and correctional facilities, not necessarily just hospitals.

2. Nurse Auditor

When we think of a nurse, we think of someone in blue scrubs providing assistance to patients. That is not what a nurse auditor does. Nurse auditors work in the background, handling things like insurance, finance, and documentation.

Nurse auditors work by giving advice to clinics and other healthcare businesses in order for them to thrive. Nurse auditors know about increasing profits, cutting costs, and how to effectively run a business. It requires standard nurse training, like an RN certification, but requires additional study in the areas of insurance, auditing, and finance as well.

3. Nursing Informaticist

As is the case with a nurse auditor, there are some nursing positions that are more involved with the integration of other areas of the organization than simple patient care. One of those nursing jobs is a nursing informaticist.

The position involves helping facilities cut down on costs, increasing the efficiency of treatment, implementing new and different IT developments, training the staff on how to use those developments, and providing analysis to ensure that everything is working effectively. It is a way of bridging the gap between the healthcare world and the technological advancements that can help the business run more efficiently.

4. Oil Rig Nurse

When we think of oil rigs, we generally hear about the other employees. We hear about how well the position pays and how dangerous it can be. So, given the latter, it only makes sense to have qualified caregivers aboard the oil rigs.

A nurse working an oil rig will provide 24-hour care for any emergencies or injuries that may happen when on the job. The major benefit here is that it is a lot of time off. A typical schedule can mean 2 weeks on with 3 weeks off at a time, and the pay is some of the best in nursing.

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