4 Tips to Pick the Perfect Promotional Present

4 Tips to Pick the Perfect Promotional Present

There are many factors that go into choosing a promotional gift. A promotional gift is an important consideration and can actually help you with your business by increasing sales and brand recognition. If you have a product launch or perhaps an imminent business meeting where this subject will be discussed, you will need to get it right because it can make a huge difference.

If you get a wrong one or one that is of poor quality, it can make an impression too – a bad one! In order to make the right decision, here are several tips that will help you to choose a promotional gift.

1. Consider The Recipient

When it comes to marketing, you will need to consider or understand many things about the customer. Lots of research has to go into it. Is the target male or female? What interests them? Knowing things like their income or age, their vocation and what line of business they’re in are all useful bits of information that can be used by the marketing department. Knowing such important information will help you to come up with the right promotional product or gift.

2. What’s The Event?

Consider what the nature of the event is that a product will be promoting and then you can consider what sort of product would be beneficial in such circumstances. For example, imagine getting some kind of a bag such as a tote bag. This is one of those really good gifts that people appreciate and can use over and over.

If someone received this at some kind of an event, then as they continued walking around the exhibition, they could place pamphlets or samples into the bag. If your promotional gift was such an item, it will be visible, it is useful, it can be reused and people can see your company name or logo. People may also ask others, “Hey, where’d you get that bag?” and so, it would be a continuous exposure of your brand and company.

3. You Can’t Beat Longevity

Certain promotional gifts can last for a long time, even years! Others aren’t so long-lasting, though this depends on a lot of things as well. A mug can rest on your desk everyday and you can have your coffee in it. T-shirts or other clothing items can also last. This is a constant reminder, so your name becomes etched in their memory.

The one mistake you don’t want to make is to give someone a gift that breaks or stops being useful after a week or so. What message would that send? People will remember you, but they won’t have anything nice to say! “If this is an example of their business or their merchandise, then they can count me out!” This will be disastrous. When you decide upon your promo gift, make sure to get decent products.

4. Give Something That Won’t Be Binned!

You want to give people something that’s useful. If they receive it and chuck it away almost immediately, then what’s the point? Always think about how useful a gift or product will be. This is possibly one of the most important considerations.

Make sure to plan ahead when you order your promo gifts. Some can take longer than others but you want to be ready at the precise moment it’s needed. By planning, you can make sure your order will go smoothly.

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