4 Best Qualities About Golden Retrievers

4 Best Qualities About Golden Retrievers

After a lot of thought and consideration, you decide to get a puppy to add to your family. As you start to look at your options, you begin to see how many nice dog breeds are out there as you begin to consider which type to get. Labradors, shepherds, and hounds are all popular breeds of dog and considered to be very family-oriented, but the type that is probably the most common among families is the golden retriever.

Characterized by long, shaggy, golden fur and their love of water, golden retrievers earned their name by the ability to retrieve birds relatively unharmed after they were shot down by hunters. Below are reasons to obtain a golden retriever puppy and the ways that it will enrich you and your family’s lives.

1. Friendly

When you get a dog, you want it to be friendly with your family, visitors, and anyone you come across in public. You definitely do not want to have to worry whether your dog will be mean and potentially harm someone.

Golden retrievers are a breed to consider because instances of them having bad temperaments are extremely rare. With this type of dog you do not have to worry about it being around children or anyone else they come into contact with. Golden retrievers are extremely friendly, love to get close to people, and rarely get angry.

2. Loyal

You want the dog that you add to your family to fit in well with everyone as opposed to wanting to be left alone. Golden retrievers are a special breed because although they are friendly with everyone they meet, they still hold a special spot for their owners, exuding even more love for them.

Golden retrievers are renowned for being fiercely loyal to their owners, bonding quickly to them within a very short period of time. While this breed of dog is not aggressive or at risk of harming others, if their owner is every threatened it will stand up for him/her. In special circumstances, golden retrievers have even saved their owners from danger and potential death. When you adopt a golden retriever, you are getting a dog that will do anything for you.

3. Playful

Most people get dogs to improve their lives, make it more enjoyable, and gain companionship. A major part of this is being able to play with your dog. Therefore, you probably do not want a dog that lies around all day and wants to be left to its own devices.

The good news about golden retrievers is they are always in the mood to play. As mentioned they are amazing with children and will not shy away from playing with them even if they are as young as infants. Their energy and intelligence allows them to pick up on activities and games easily, making them fun and active participants in whatever game you decide to play. Golden retrievers enjoy plenty of walks and will never decline a game of fetch on land or water.

4. Elegant

People want their pets to be friendly, sweet, and intelligent but another important trait is definitely beauty. When you adopt a golden retriever you are getting a dog that is world-renowned for its elegance and beauty.

The golden retriever is admired for its thick, golden coat, almost making the breed appear majestic. This type of dog is also known for the proud way it carries itself, walking tall and standing noble. Coupled with its friendliness and loyalty, golden retrievers definitely turn heads when you take your dog out in public.

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