4 Best Features of a Wooden Gift Box

4 Best Features of a Wooden Gift Box

When giving a gift, it is often said that it is the thought behind it that counts. While this is very true, there is no reason why it cannot look elegant and presentable when you give it. While wrapping paper and gift bags have historically been the most popular, wood boxes have gained momentum and are becoming just as common as a method to enclose gifts and add an element of surprise.

If you need to give a gift to someone and are unsure of how to present it, below are benefits of using a gift box made of wood and ways that the person receiving it will benefit.

1. Waterproof

A main goal of using a gift bag or box is not only to surprise the recipient but also keep it safe until the time comes for unwrapping. Imagine how awful you would feel if the person you gave your gift to unwraps it to find that it is damaged.

No matter what type of gift you are giving, most products will get damaged in one way or another if they come into contact with water. However, the goods is, wood gift boxes are naturally waterproof. This is particularly true when you use hardwood boxes such as cedar and redwood. Nonetheless, all wooden boxes are usually coated with waterproof waxing to ensure that the wood does not rot if it is penetrated by water. This will ensure that your gift is in the exact condition that you bought it in and is safe from water that will definitely damage it.

2. Aesthetic Value

As mentioned, when you give a gift you want it to look presentable. Gift bags and wrapping paper can look acceptable but depending on the situation it can also look cheap and tacky. For this reason, a wood box should be considered. It can look elegant and can also serve as a keepsake for the recipient as well.

Wood products are unique because they are naturally beautiful. They are available in plenty of designs because wood can be crafted into different shapes. Most of the value attached to wooden box gift is due to most of them being handmade. Wood is natural and the box is made through a natural process. This allows a certain degree of uniqueness because even if the recipient is given the same gift that you got them, the wood box you added will allow it to stand out.

3. Can be reused

Wood gift boxes can be used for very many other purposes other than just carrying the gift. The box can be used to store the gift for safekeeping if the gift has a long lifespan. For example, if you are giving out a necklace that may last for decades, the wood box can provide a safe place for storage when not being worn. It can also be used for storing other products such as keepsakes or family heirlooms. Makeup and beauty products can also be stored in them because they are waterproof and insulated.

In the future, the recipient of the wood box that you gave may use the same box to send you a gift. Receiving a gift packaged in a box you gave him/her some years back adds some sentimentality to the occasion and will probably make you feel very special.

4. Wood is a natural insulator

In addition to being waterproof, the method that you choose to enclose your gift needs to be breathable and able to maintain adequate temperatures. Failure to do so may result in your gift getting damaged.

Wood boxes are a smart choice because the material acts as a natural insulator. The air pockets within the wood itself help in maintaining the interior temperatures of the box. This means that any gift you put in a wooden box will not be damaged by heat. The interior of the box will maintain a cool and dry room temperature environment.

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