3 Unique Party Entertainment Activities for an Epic Party

3 Unique Party Entertainment Activities for an Epic Party

If you’ve ever planned a party before, you know that it’s not exactly a party to plan it. Leading up to the event, it can be stressful to get all of your ducks in a row. You have to think about catering and what people will like best in their food. Does anyone have any allergies?

Will they spell your message on the cake right? Will everyone have a place to park closely to you if you’re inviting a significant amount of people? Do you have enough seating in your yard? Is your home the right venue for the party?

What about party rentals? Which ones will your guests like best and fit your budget? This how-to guide will help you with the best part of a party, the rentals. Just follow this simple outline to help determine which party rental is right for you and relieve yourself of this checkmark on your party planning list. Breath easier. You’re one step closer to planning the ultimate party.

1. 4-Player Gladiator Joust

A party rental like this is especially great for a kid or teenager’s birthday party. Your child and their friends will have a great time playing jousting games and making up their own rules. Meanwhile, you will find comfort in the safety of the rental. This inflatable can have four people involved at once, so no one is feeling left out. This rental is also great for school and corporate special events. Partygoers will like enjoy getting their stress out in this safe, effective way.

2. Air Graffiti Wall

This isn’t your typical party rental, but it will impress your party-goers who appreciate modern fun. This rental features interactive unique photo novelty, allowing your guests to take huge life-sized photos of themselves and using virtual spray cans to draw on the photos. Real life photo editing has never been this cool.

Don’t forget about the custom backgrounds, either! If you’re having a themed party, this can especially come in handy. This rental is perfect for a company or corporate party, bar or bat mitzvah, or even a middle or high school dance. Just make sure someone is monitoring the drawings. There are a lot of fabulous possibilities with the air graffiti wall.

3. Black Photo Booth

A photo booth is a traditional must-have at any good party. It’s especially good for weddings, family reunions, or company parties. Adding a customized logo to the photo strip in your photo booth will add something special, so don’t forget that step in the rental process. The right entertainment service will introduce you to this. Perhaps you will add a company logo or a wedding or birthday message for your guests to remember the day by on your strip.

A good photo booth rental has USB capabilities included, so you can store your memories for a time to come. Be sure to ask the entertainment service about all the features. Photo booths are always a great way to get your guests having fun and interacting with one another. Meeting the perfect stranger or reconnecting with someone is just a picture away!

It may seem like every party rental has been covered, but this is really just the start. There are a lot more rentals a good entertainment service will have available for you. Whether you have 20 people coming over, or 100, they are bound to be impressed by your thoughtfulness for fun.

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