3 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Corner Guard Protection for a Hospital

3 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Corner Guard Protection for a Hospital

Searching for the right corner guard for any building is very important. There are many things that must be considered such as the corner guard’s material, durability, maintenance, and resistance to impact.

One more factor that is important is selecting between residential and commercial corner guards. These shiny metallic or steel corners are not just for show! They protect the building against damage from various impacts. You might have seen them underground in garage, office and hospitals.

There are various types of corner guards such as one with wings, with holes, with a clip-on and some even come with a slider. All serve different purposes in protecting the corners and hiding imperfections. Moreover, they come in various designs and can also be used for aesthetic purpose.

Following are three factors that must be considered when choosing corner guards for a hospital:

1. Durability

Hospitals wall corners tend to get damaged too often in the rush when a gurney, bed or a wheel chair is wheeled in a hurry. The corners and walls are subject to repeated damage, which is why it is important to select a corner guard that can stand up to frequent abuse. One of the best corner guard material, which is ideal for a hospitals is aluminum.

An aluminum corner guard with a retainer and snap-on plastic cover offers two benefits: First, the cover will absorb all the impacts and prevent the wall from getting damaged. Second, even if the cover gets damaged, it can be easily removed and replaced. That’s double protection in one corner guard!

2. Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most important factors that must be considered when selecting a corer guard. When it comes to the specific requirements regarding sanitation and cleaning of a medical building, there’s a high risk of the metal reacting to the cleaning solutions.

Two best materials are PETG and Vinyl because of their innate chemical makeup. Repeated cleaning will not cause any damage to the corner guards. Moreover, the combination of Vinyl and the aluminum retainer will save on repair and maintenance cost.

3. Design

You cannot simply choose any corner guard design for a hospital. Most hospitals go for naturally warm colors such as blue, the shade of dawn, red and yellow. These colors don’t stick out much and depending on the wall paint; they might blend in or provide an artistic contrast. The warm colors are easy on the eyes and do not come off as a distraction.

These three factors affect the price of the corner guard and therefore, are crucial to consider before making a selection. Hospitals usually have white walls, in which case, all warm colors will look appealing. One thing that should be avoided is any abstract designs and corner guards made with checker plate.

So, when choosing corner guards for a hospital, always go with the ones that come with a retainer, as they offer a safer option at a low cost.

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