11 Candy Packaging Ideas That Look Visually Attractive

11 Candy Packaging Ideas That Look Visually Attractive

On the market today, there is a wide variety of candy. They come in different sizes, flavours, shapes, and colours. They also come in different types of packaging. There are many candy packaging ideas that can help your product stand out on the shelf.

Different types of candy packaging will achieve various marketing effects. Check out these 11 candy packaging ideas and their various functions:

Idea #1: Hanging Bags

You can commonly find candy packaged in hanging plastic bags in retail and grocery stores. These candy packaging ideas come sealed on both ends, with some designs featuring a back-middle seam. They come with a pre-cut hole, which makes them easy to hang from hooks. Hanging bags are great for displays. They can hold a significant amount of candy. You can pre-wrap the candy to preserve freshness.

Idea #2: Gusseted Poly Bags

Gusseted bags are commonly known as flat-bottom bags. These candy packaging ideas feature a pleat, which is tucked-in and pressed flat so it can expand and offer greater carrying capacity. Where desired, it also helps maintain a box-shape. These bags can be taped shut, stapled, tied or heat-sealed.

Gusseted poly bags are a great choice if you’re aiming to pack more candy in one bag. In most cases, you’ll find these bags next to pick-n-mix stations where you get to fill them with different types of candy.

Idea #3: Pillow Pouches and Bags

Bags and pillow pouches are a popular choice for food packaging. Use them in combination with pre-wrapped candies, which are sold in bundles. The bags resemble a pillow, from which they get their name. You will find them in grocery stores lying flat on the shelves. You can use them to hold pre-wrapped gummy candies and mini chocolate bars.

Idea #4: Candy Trays

Candy trays come in multiple sizes. You can customize them to reflect the flavour and design of your products. You can find candy trays in deluxe gift boxes or two-piece boxes, which keep individual candies in separate compartments. They are a common choice for assorted chocolate gift boxes where the display and a clean appearance are essential.

Idea #5: Flexible Pouches

These pouches are great for holding candy and other treats. They feature zipper-seal closures, which are designed to keep the contents fresh. Flexible pouches offer great printing capabilities that allow a user to add attractive branding on the packaging itself. The pouches can stand up without the need for support, improving their shelf appearance.

Idea #6: Reclose-able Zipper Bags

These bags or pouches are excellent for candy products. They offer convenient access to the candy while preserving freshness. Zipper closures allow customers to use portion control and to pick up candy on the go.

Idea #7: Foil Wrappers

These wrappers are great for preserving the taste and freshness of different candies. They’re commonly used to wrap chocolate and other delicious treats. The foil wrappers come in various colours and sizes. You can use prints to customize them.

Idea #8: Flavour Stamps

The flavour stamps are a great way of creating a closure for your package. They give you an idea of what’s inside. Use flavour stamps to pack marshmallows, peanuts, pretzels, raisins, lime zest, macadamia nuts, crisped rice, cookies, dried cherries and wafers. Flavour stamps enhance the overall experience of your packaging. They also preserve the flavour and texture of their contents.

Idea #9: Deluxe Two-Piece Boxes

These boxes are heavy-duty. They are commonly used to package chocolates and other sweet treats. They offer an elegant display, which is ideal for special occasions. The two-piece design adds to the experience of opening the box. It also allows a clear view of what’s inside when the lid is open. In most cases, you can use deluxe boxes together with candy trays, which keep the treats separated to enhance the packaging’s visual appeal.

Idea #10: Gift Boxes

Retailers use gift boxes to store candy, perhaps because they offer an excellent presentation. They come in multiple colours and sizes and are easy to customize using labelling or printing applications. If preserving the taste and freshness of your candy is a priority, combine gift boxes with smaller poly bags since the latter does not feature an air-tight seal.

Idea #11: Heat Sealers or Twist Ties

For polybag applications, you need to find a way of closing the bag to keep contents from falling out. Heat sealers and twist ties are very useful in this case. For simple applications where travel time is short, twist ties are a great and inexpensive option for sealing your poly bag. In applications where a longer shelf-life is a priority, use a heat sealer as it will create a durable and air-tight seal for the bag. Doing this will preserve the taste and freshness of your candy.

The candy industry thrives on the innovations of the packaging sector. The packaging allows companies to keep their candy fresh, all the way to your taste buds.

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