11 Best Tasting Sweet Wine That Taste Delicious

11 Best Tasting Sweet Wine That Taste Delicious

There are many ways to describe a wine – full-bodied and light-bodied, red and white, or dry and sweet – among other descriptors. Sweet wine is a great way for beginners to start buying and trying wine, as it often isn’t as shocking to the taste buds, and it is also enjoyable for seasoned wine drinkers as well.

Below are 11 best tasting sweet wines that taste absolutely delicious:

1. Moscato

Made from the Muscat grape, which is also an edible grape (unlike all other wine grapes), Moscato is a light, low-acidity white wine that can be served either flat or bubbly. Moscato wine typically gives hints of citrus fruits and flowers like mandarin oranges, orange blossoms, and honeysuckles.

2. Sauternes

Another fruity and sweet wine is Sauternes, a French wine. The fruity flavours of this wine mix with soft nutty flavours, making it taste soft and sweet. It is a full-bodied wine, which means it is creamy to the touch. Part of the flavour of Sauternes wines comes from the grapes being affected by noble rot.

3. Riesling

Not all Rieslings are sweet, even though many people think they are. However, German Riesling is typically very sweet, fruity, and acidic. It is a very crisp and light wine, that gives hints of summer with its flowery flavours and hints of apples, peaches, and pears.

4. White Port

White port is made from white wine grapes. It doesn’t have to be sweet, necessarily, but it can be made to be. The fruity flavours of the grapes will come through in this rich, full-bodied wine.

5. Ice Wine

Take a trip on the exotic side with ice wine. These wines are very sweet, offering a refreshing wash of acidity and light crispness when tasted. The wine is made from grapes that have actually been frozen before harvesting.

6. Tokaji

A Hungarian wine, Tokaji is sweet and made from grapes that have been affected by noble rot. There are six different kinds of grapes that can be used to create Tokaji wine. The sweetest versions of this wine are Eszencia, Aszú, and Szamorodni.

7. White Zinfandel

White Zinfandel is a sweet white wine from California, which is tinted pink due to its having been in contact with the skins of the grapes it comes from. Its biggest selling point is that it is cheap to buy, and it does not have a lot of complex flavours.

8. Port

Port is a very dense wine with a high alcohol content. It is often served as a dessert wine in small quantities. It is very rich in flavour, and has strong aromas.

9. Banyuls

Banyuls is a fortified red wine from the Roussillon region of France, which is quite similar to Port. There are several different types of Banyuls wine, including Blanc, Traditional, Rimage, Grand Cru, and Rimage Mise Tardive. Banyuls Grand Cru has very specific processes including having to be aged for at least 30 months in oak, and having 75 per cent Grenache Noir, the primary wine grape of Banyuls.

10. Maury

Maury wine is another French wine also from the Roussillon region, and which also must be made with at least 75 per cent Grenache Noir wine grapes. It is another fortified wine. The flavours found in this wine are strawberry, prune, ginger snap and burnt caramel. It is an incredibly sweet, full-bodied wine with a medium amount of acidity and tannins.

11. Madeira

Coming from the Island of Madeira, this wine is sweet, fruity, and nutty with peach and orange flavours combined with caramel and hazelnut. It is full-bodied and fairly acidic. All Madeira wine comes from the island of Madeira because it is a Protected Designation of Origin product.

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