10 Reasons Why Ballet Could Be Considered a Sport

10 Reasons Why Ballet Could Be Considered a Sport

Ballet classes offer an incredible experience to anyone who is interested in this graceful art form. But is ballet really just an art form? Many people argue that it should also be considered as a sport.

Here are 10 of the reasons why ballet could be considered a sport.

1. Ballet classes help develop skills and abilities

Just like most sports, ballet requires dancers to develop their skills and abilities. Most professional ballet dancers have started their ballet classes at a very young age, and have been training for most of their lives.

2. Ballet dancers need to train many hours each week

Ballet dancers who take ballet seriously will take ballet classes each week, and will also train for hours in between their classes. The same can be said of athletes who are dedicated to their sports.

3. Technical skills are required to dance gracefully

Ballet dancers move with beauty and grace, but to achieve this result, they need to master many technical skills. Ballet classes teach them to hold their body a certain way, and to execute each movement perfectly.

4. Ballet dancers must have high stamina

Another thing that athletes and ballet dancers must have in common is high stamina. On top of having stamina to be able to perform specific movements, ballet dancers must smile when they dance, and make it look effortless.

5. Ballet requires a lot of strength

Ballet dancing demands a lot of strength, and ballet dancers can be as strong and powerful as athletes. However, the aesthetic demands of ballet encourage them to limit the effects of strength training on their body.

6. Ballet dancers can adapt their diets to meet requirements

Speaking of aesthetic demands, many ballet dancers will reduce their caloric intake in hopes of meeting strict requirements. Many athletes are also adapting their diets to meet the requirements of their sports.

7. Ballet dancing can be done alone or in groups

Ballet dancers can dance alone, with a partner, or as part of a group. Similarly, there are sports that can be played alone, with a partner, or as part of a team.

8. Ballet dancers can enter competitions

Sports can be played just for fun, or with the serious goal of entering competitions. Dancers who take ballet classes can choose to do it for their own enjoyment, or they can decide to enter ballet competitions.

9. There are specific rules to follow

There are specific rules to sports competitions, and there are specific rules to ballet competitions as well. If you struggle with your choreography, or if you can’t perform a certain movement properly, you will lose points. Ballet classes will teach these rules to new dancers.

10. Ballet dancers risk injuries as they perform

Just like athletes, ballet dancers can get injured while they perform. Some injuries can be really serious, and can instantly put an end to the career of a professional ballet dancer.

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