10 Best Apps for Seniors to Use

10 Best Apps for Seniors to Use

Apps are not made for just young people. There are apps designed for everyone including seniors like you. Some of the best apps for seniors are easily accessible, user-friendly, and adds convenience to your everyday life. Apps today can make life easier and simple for you. There are many reasons to consider using apps even if you are a senior citizen, as it can help you stay entertained and occupied, keeps you in contact with friends and family, and you can manage health conditions better.

In your old age, you rarely think about new technology or mobile apps. Generally, seniors are considered late adopters of technology and are least likely to use technology. However, the best apps for seniors can help you achieve so much. It can improve your health, cognitive well-being and social activity. There are an influx of mobile apps that make it difficult to choose the right ones.

The best apps are free on most phone platforms, so seniors don’t have to worry about spending money to download the app. There are also some useful apps that are not too costly either such as the Red Panic Button. There are other apps that cover most of your needs such as entertainment, communications, travel, solving puzzles, money management and health management.

Here are the ten best apps for seniors:

1. Skype App

With the Skype app, seniors can keep in contact with all their family members and their grandchildren. This app is the best for easy communication. You can watch your grandchildren grow and see what drawings they have completed. You can listen to their stories and stay close even if there is a distance between you.

As seniors, you may not always be mobile, which is why Skype is a good app to have. You can video conference with friends and family even when having your morning coffee.

The Skype app is free and can be installed easily on your phone or computer.

2. MedCoach App

This application is a no-brainer. It is the best app to keep you on track with your medication. With this app, you will never miss your pills or medication dose.

Bundled with a whole lot of features, this app offers a personal medical schedule, a log for pills taken during the day, a list of all your medication and much more. The amazing benefit of this app is that it can connect with your pharmacy for essential supplies.

3. Crossword Puzzle Free

If you are a senior who enjoys solving crossword puzzles, this app will surely be your favourite. The app does exactly as it says on the tin: give you plenty of daily crossword puzzles at the convenience of your fingertip.

You solve crossword puzzles around the world with your smartphone. There are new puzzles available every day from various sources.

This specific app can differentiate between the easy and hard puzzles. It is free and no subscription is required. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a crossword puzzle.

4. Sudoku App

Another good option of crossword puzzles is Sudoku. You can pass your time, take a break from daily activities and enjoy your time solving Sudoku puzzles.

When you solve Sudoku puzzles, you can keep your mind sharp and strengthen your cognitive abilities even as you age. Best of all, Sudoku is immensely fun, and you’ll find yourself spending hours and hours matching the different number combinations together.

The Sudoku app is available on both Android and iOS for free.

5. Newsy

Newsy is one of the best apps for seniors who want to read daily news without needing a physical newspaper in hand. You obtain daily news through one app.

This app pulls from various sources to bring you updates and videos of world news. Professional anchors who provide easy to digest and no-fluff stories deliver the news. You stay informed with news, facts and opinions that are changing the world.

Best of all, the Newsy app is completely free.

6. Kindle App

The word ‘Kindle’ has become almost synonymous with reading. As expected, Kindle is one of the best reading apps for seniors.

As you age, you end up spending more time reading. Books can be too heavy and cumbersome to read. Even if you are not technology savvy, the Kindle app is easy to use.

Note that you do not need to purchase a Kindle to read your e-book. Simply download the free app.

7. Red Panic Button

This app is handy for seniors to have during emergencies. The app helps to call a specific number or text with a press of a button.

It’s the best app to have when a senior needs help or is in dire trouble. The app consists of pre-programed numbers of family and friends who you can contact instantly without dialing a number or typing text.

The app can help to determine your location as well. With this app, you are assured of immediate aid when faced with potential danger.

8. WebMD App

This app offers 24/7 access to your health information. You have support tools to learn about your health. With the information captured, you make the right decisions to improve your health. The app can be personalized to create the medication and articles relevant to you.

One of the features include the symptom checker that allows you to choose your symptoms and view possible health conditions. You can track your progress and gain insightful information on health tips.

The WebMD app is best for seniors who want to learn more about their health and various medical conditions.

9. Audible App

Much like Kindle has become a synonymous term with reading, Audible has also become synonymous with audiobooks.

If you like to listen instead of read, the audible app will serve you well. The audible app contents a vast library of audiobooks. You can listen to some good stories especially if you have an impaired eyesight and cannot watch too much television.

There are over 180,000 titles available to listen too, and the Audible library is constantly growing every day.

10. Mint

Finance is a priority as you age. The Mint app allows you to synchronize all your bank accounts into one interface. You can set budgets and alerts on your spending. The app illustrates the percentage you spend on various categories.

This is the perfect app to keep your finances in check.

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