10 Benefits of Polished Concrete Garage Floor

10 Benefits of Polished Concrete Garage Floor

Many people might not think about the perfect flooring system for their garages until they start experiencing the adverse side effects of different floors. Durability and installation costs are significant factors when deciding what flooring system to install in garages. A good number have embraced polished concrete as their to-go choice.

This blog will discuss why you should also go for this flooring system for your garage by listing its benefits.

Benefit #1: Chemical and Thermal Resistant

Polished concrete flooring is chemical and thermal resistant, meaning these factors cannot impact it. While chemical spills can easily damage a non-polished concrete floor, adding a polish coat protects the surface against such effects.

Thermal-resistant, on the other side, means a polished concrete garage floor cannot be damaged by thermal impacts like steam washes and boiling water.

Benefit #2: Doesn’t Slip

A polished concrete garage floor doesn’t slip. Concrete surfaces can be slippery, but when a non-slip polish or coating is added, it helps to enhance texture and minimize risks of fall accidents.

Due to the heavy manual activities at the garage that could easily result in falling, a polished concrete floor would be the best. However, you should ensure to manage spills or accumulation of water as they could facilitate such accidents.

Benefit #3: Easy to Clean

Any mechanic or car enthusiast would prefer a flooring system that’s easy to clean. A polished concrete garage floor is ideal as it’s more effortless to clean. You can maintain this flooring system by daily sweeping the dust and dirt particles.

A damp mob with water and soap is also recommended at least once a week to inhibit the build-up of dirt. Polished concrete garage floors require professional cleaning approximately once or twice a year.

Benefit #4: Stain Resistant

Polished concrete garage floors are stain-resistant. Non-sealed concrete is porous and can quickly absorb substances, leading to stains, some of which are permanent. Sealing the surfaces with polish helps block the pores, meaning the stains can no longer penetrate them.

Polished concrete floors would be ideal for a garage, considering the high chances of stains from oil, rust, grease, paint, battery acids, brake fluid, or water.

Benefit #5: Environment-Friendliness

It’s crucial to consider an environmentally friendly flooring system. The polished concrete garage floor is made from locally sourced essentials like limestone, gravel, and sand, minimizing the need for transportation.

This flooring system is also durable enough, reducing the need for constant repairs and replacements requiring more materials. Polished concrete floors hardly emit toxic VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) like their counterparts, hence better air quality.

Benefit #6: Easy to Install

Another reason to choose a polished concrete floor for your garage is because it is easy to install. Installing this flooring system is quick, especially if you have installed the concrete surface.

If not, you must only add concrete before grinding and polishing it. Other effortless processes include densification, sealing, and staining or colouring (optional). However, you should ensure a professional undertakes the installation process for high-quality work.

Benefit #7: Enhances Appeal

A polished concrete floor can help improve the physical appeal of your garage. This flooring system delivers a glossy and highly reflective look essential for any room, including garages.

You can customize the polish with different colours or stains to provide a unique and decorative effect. A polished concrete floor makes your garage appear classier and may attract many customers for commercial garages.

Benefit #8: More Durable

A polished concrete garage floor is durable and long-lasting. It makes an excellent option for garages, considering the high risk of wear and tear and increased traffic on such setups. Its extended life span can guarantee the overall value of your money back.

This flooring system is also resistant to various factors like stains, thermal effects, and chemicals. You can go for nearly ten years without replacing your concrete flooring, maybe just re-polishing.

Benefit #9: Low Maintenance

You can be assured of low maintenance with a polished concrete floor in your garage. This flooring system requires minimal maintenance, as daily sweeping and dusting can keep it glossy.

You rarely need to engage commercial cleaners for this flooring system, as you can do it yourself. A polished concrete floor also needs no constant repairs and replacement, replacing the need for professional maintenance.

Benefit #10: Allergen Free

Unlike many other flooring systems, the polished concrete garage floor doesn’t house mould, dust, or fur allergens. You will be more confident working on such a floor, especially if you have allergies to any of the above substances.

Being allergen-free also means polished concrete floors offer better air quality in your garage and the surrounding areas. Ensure the polish covers every corner of the concrete surface to maximize its functionality regarding eliminating allergens.

There, you have ten reasons to embrace a polished concrete floor for your garage. You can consult a concrete professional when constructing a garage or remodelling an existing garage floor. The initial cost is worth the efforts and long-term benefits.

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