Maestro Classics Peter and the Wolf Review {Crew Review}

We have been reviewing Maestro Classics for years as part of the TOS Review Crew, and it continues to be one of our favorites. This time around, we had the privilege of receiving a physical copy of Peter and the Wolf.

I chose this particular title, because it’s one that I remember from my childhood. We had a little record player growing up, and we had one of those little 45’s with the follow-along books. My siblings and I would listen to this story all the time. We loved the story and especially loved the instruments telling the story.

This is a story Emma hasn’t heard before, and I wanted to introduce her to a little piece of my childhood.


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About the product

In Peter and the Wolf, Peter is a young boy who goes over the garden wall to explore. While outside the garden, he meets a wolf. With the help of his friends, Peter captures the wolf and takes it to the zoo.

As I mentioned above, we received a physical copy of the Peter and the Wolf CD. The CD runs a little over an hour in total, and it includes so much more than just the story. We learn about the composer – Sergei Prokofiev.

One track on the CD is the conductor telling us what to listen for as we listen to the story. Another takes the music back to its original Russian roots.

We also received a 24-page activity book full of stories and puzzles.

How we used it

We listened to the CD in the car on the way to and from dance class over the course of two days. I gave Emma the booklet to explore on her own.

Our opinion

Emma is so funny. She did not want to listen to the CD at all. She thought it was going to be babyish. But, I told her we were going to listen to it in the car, and really, there was no where for her to go. Ha ha!

About halfway through the story, I asked her what she thought about it so far. She mumbled at me from the backseat. I asked her to repeat herself, and she admitted that she liked it. I knew she would.

It’s so much fun to hear the different instruments tell the story. You could really “see” the characters through the music.

The further we got on the CD, however, the more interested she became. She loved hearing how each character not only has its own instrument, but it has its own theme. She thought that was pretty cool.

More info

In addition to the CD and activity book we received, there are more resources available online. There are curriculum guides that cover a wide variety of subjects like history, science, geography, language arts, art, music and math.

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