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I think Emma and I have watched more movies together in the past three months than we have in a year. Between her sickness this summer and her recent broken wrist, we’ve had plenty of down days in which we’ve gone through our arsenal of videos and then moved on to Netflix and Amazon.

So, whenever I see the opportunity to review new movies, I jump at the chance. Our last movie day consisted of watching Little Boy from She is fascinated by World War II, but there aren’t many movies about the war that we have watched yet. The subject matter is often too mature. However, the premise of Little Boy intrigued me enough to give it a try with her.

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About Little Boy

Pepper is a seven-year-old boy growing up in a small town in America. His world crumbles when his father is forced to go fight in World War II. Pepper is determined to do whatever it takes to bring his father home.

What is our opinion of Little Boy?

I chose to review this movie because of the World War II theme. As I mentioned above, Emma really enjoys learning about this time period in history. But, I wanted to preview it before I let her watch it since it’s rated PG-13.

What we got was so much more. The movie really focuses on faith and love. There’s an underlying current of bullying and prejudice against the Japanese. There is anger and love and faith, as well.

This really is a heartwarming story that opens up many avenues of dialog. Pepper is challenged to do 7 things after his father goes missing overseas: feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, clothe the naked, visit the sick, visit a prisoner, bury the dead, and befriend Mr. Hashimoto (a Japanese man in their town).

While doing these things, God works through each event to touch the life of Little Pepper. New friendships form. Lives are changed. Faith grows.

Conversations that came about because of this movie included bullying, prejudice against the Japanese after they were released from the interment camps, what “faith like a mustard seed” means.

I really didn’t feel like the movie was too heavy for Emma. It really dug deep into the raw emotions that people were feeling at that time in our history. And, really, quite a bit of these emotions are ones we still deal with – having enough faith, bullying, prejudice, friendships, love, and war.

I recommend this movie to anyone studying World War II in their homeschool lessons. But, I think it’s a heartwarming story that could definitely stand on its own. Watch it with your kids, because it is so full of life lessons.

I give it two thumbs up! My favorite quote from the movie:

Faith won’t work if you have the slightest bit of hatred in you. Review No 2

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