Critical Thinking Company Review

Now that Emma is in middle school, I’ve wanted to start incorporating some logic and critical thinking into our homeschool lessons. I actually purchased a different logic book last year to use with Emma, but I never could figure out how to use it. So, we shelved it and moved on.

When I saw the opportunity to review some logic curricula, I jumped at the chance. Emma loves her new book, The Basics of Critical Thinking by Critical Thinking Co.

About The Basics of Critical Thinking

Designed for use in grades 4-9, The Basics of Critical Thinking is a consumable workbook that teaches critical thinking skills. Students answer questions and solve problems by evaluating evidence, identifying facts and opinions, identifying fallacies and more. The workbook is 152 pages long, and it’s full-color graphics keep the kids engaged.

There are about 20 lessons in this book. Each one focuses on a different critical thinking skill like inferences, fallacies, analogies and more. Each lesson contains explanations, diagrams or illustrations, and examples before turning the kids loose on practice problems.

How We Used The Basics of Critical Thinking

When we received the book in the mail, Emma was excited. She really likes logic workbooks and couldn’t wait to dive in to this one. So, I let her take the pretest just so she could get a feel for the book.

After that, I tore the answer pages out of the back of the book and let her work independently. She covered two or three pages each day on her own. At the end of the week, I checked her work and we discussed anything she might have missed.

What did we think of The Basics of Critical Thinking?

We both really enjoyed it. Emma really enjoyed the workbook pages. She has always loved workbooks, and this one was no exception. She felt that many of the beginning pages were a little easy, but that is to be expected. The book is designed to be used with students in grades 4-9, and she is in 7th grade. She’s smack dab in the middle. So, the beginning pages should have been a bit easier. They did begin to get progressively more difficult as she worked her way through the book.

I liked that the lessons were written in a way that Emma could really work through this course on her own without assistance from me. This works great with my goal to create an independent learner.

I also liked that I could hand her the workbook and keep the answer pages in my file box. At the end of the week, I graded a week’s worth of pages. There was only one or two assignments we had to go back and discuss. She grasped most of what she was doing the first time through. I’m so thankful for that.

If she was younger, I would definitely plan to work through the pages with her with quite a bit more discussion. But, at this point, I haven’t found that to be necessary. I recommend this book for an introduction to logic and critical thinking. It was a hit in our house.

The Critical Thinking Company Review

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