6 Common Reasons Your Immigration Case Was Denied

Every month, hundreds of applications for permanent residency in Canada are refused based on various grounds. Many of the situations that cause refusal are actually avoidable. By doing your research, you can ensure your application won’t fall through based on a preventable issue.

Refusal often causes a lot of disruption and stress for the applicant and their family. Canada offers various immigration programs; however, the application process can be challenging to complete without making mistakes.

Here are some common reasons why immigration cases are commonly refused.

4 Suggestions to Help You Through Your Divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy. If you’re not careful, anger and bitterness can take over your life. It’s not uncommon for your life to drift into turmoil if you fail to handle a divorce properly.

When navigating a divorce, it’s vital to protect your financial and emotional resources. A little preparation ahead of time can go a long way in making the process easier to deal with. This blog post looks at four different things you can do to make the divorce process a little easier.

6 Signs You Need to Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

With car accidents being on the rise due to an increase in the number of road users, it’s wise to make sure you know your rights if ever you end up in such a situation. No matter which side of the argument you are on, the victim or the person at fault, car accident lawyers can help you come to an agreement and settle the issue more peacefully.

Not all car accidents will require the help of a lawyer, but there are some warning signs that you may need to reach out for help.

Look at the signs to know what to look out for.

The 7 Different Types of Family Law

Family lawyers are trained in and focused on matters to do with families. They are not only practiced in the laws of family matters, but also in the delicacy with which these cases need to be treated.

There are many different types of cases a family lawyer will represent, and they usually focus on doing so as respectfully and calmly as possible. Most lawyers don’t want family matters to become big disputes, but would rather resolve them as quickly and fairly as possible and try to avoid going to court to ensure the family remains as in tact as possible, regardless of the situation. Here are some types of cases a family lawyer could become involved in.

The 5 Times Your Company Might Need a Lawyer

When you begin a business, one of the last things that come to mind is hiring an attorney. But, consulting an employment lawyer should be done early on in this process. Having an employment lawyer represent you and your company can save you future litigation and stress.

There are many situations where business owners would benefit from having a lawyer intervene. That’s why, we’ve outlined some common occurrences that a business may run into, where contacting an employment lawyer is necessary.